Football win over TCU, Cancun Challenge championship, #TrapezoidOfEvil, and decorating for Christmas

Football win over TCU, Cancun Challenge championship, #TrapezoidOfEvil, and decorating for Christmas

football basketball cancun challenge rhode island #TrapezoidOfEvil tcu

TCU road football win, basketball's Cancun Challenge championship and Rhode Island home victory, #TrapezoidOfEvil check-in, and thoughts on decorating for Christmas.


Show Notes:


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Segment 1: WVU Football (TCU)

  • Tykee with the Interception
  • TCU duct tape uniforms.  What's going on here?
  • First offensive series looked good, then the wheels started to come off...quick TCU touchdown drive...and then a Doege (floating?) interception.
  • ESPN sucks. Audio was terrible. They got every players name wrong at some point during the game. 
  • What do the refs say on their walkie talkies?
  • We take a lead...with 2 to go...this became a game.
  • End of the game was crazy. Going for the TD to ice the game. TCU gets back with 46sec left GYEO texts of doubt the last minute of the game.
  • It is a WIN. Remember, we were a double digit underdog...again...
  • Darius Stills to the NFL?
  • Kendall did not celebrate after the win
  • 86 net yards rushing; still seems like the offensive line is the biggest offseason project for the offense.

Segment 2: Basketball

  • Drew Casey Won the Ticket Giveaway!

Cancun Challenge 

  • Scoot: Officiating was a joke. Bad breath apparently warrants a foul. Pete Gillen as the analyst is kind of funny. He talks as a coach and like a guy who is buddies with Huggs. Also, has one of the biggest craniums for his size body. (I rushed the court at Providence when he was coaching.)
  • Huggs postgame: "We couldn't make a shot. We really didn't rebound it very well. We went to pressure because we had to speed the game," Huggins said on the post-game radio with Tony Caridi and Jay Jacobs. "We forced some turnovers, got some baskets off turnovers. Deuce made some huge shots for us."
  • Mop Guy sets a pick on the inbound. Mop Guys were a factor in the CanCun Challenge.
  • Oscar owned 2nd game...boards...Free Throws...and blocks! Double Double..Again.
  • Seemed like one of the more goofy tournaments we've been in, and felt like we were playing in the ballroom of the Barboursville Holiday Inn while a crowd that had plans to go to the K&W Cafeteria decided to stop by until the buffet opened.

Rhode Island

  • Don't understand the shorty shorts trend in college hoops.
  • Routt in trouble early, chasing.
  • Oscar with 3 turnovers to start the game, sits.
  • Culver's spin move is nice when he has room to go to it.  He stays super active on D.
  • The Goodrich & Geist Law Firm commercial featuring a personal injury hard rock song is maybe top 5 locally produced commercial I've seen.
  • Half: Matthews 14, Culver 12 and 7, Oscar 0; 'Fats' Russell for RI with 12.
  • Final (thanks to an errant RI pass): Culver 25 and 11 (beast), Haley 18, Matthews 14, Oscar 11; 'Fats' with 32(!) for RI.

Segment 3: Trapezoid of Evil

  • VT lost to UVA for the first time in 15 years.  UVA wins the contest to get blasted by Clemson.
  • MD lost to Michigan State (to fall to 3-9 on the season).
  • Penn State beat Rutgers to send them to 2-10; Side note, Greg Schiano taking over at Rutgers.
  • Pitt lost to Boston College (yay!).

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