Who we are

Got Your Eers On? is a true fan podcast about Mountaineer sports. As your three hosts, Gweedoe, Scoot, and Johnson, we discuss the Mountaineers and related content on a weekly basis.

What we do

  • Our show is committed to following the Mountaineers, and bringing conversation to our fellow fan listeners that's fun, positive, and current.
  • We strive to have guests as much as possible that bring an extra dimension to the show and can expand on topics that we think our listeners will find interesting.

Production value

We continue to strive to bring a high production value to the show that listeners appreciate. We're constantly investing in our equipment and editing tools for continuous improvement.

Our audience

We're growing!

We're excited to have logged over 140 shows and over 40k downloads! We continue to build our listenership, which currently averages roughly 1,600 active downloads per month from listeners mostly in the WV / VA / MD / OH region.

Listening area

Our main links are:

...as well as TuneIn, but you can find us anywhere podcasts are served.

Social media

To give our audience as much opportunity as possible to connect with the show, you can find us on all major social networking platforms.

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Contact us

You can contact us at (304) 518-GYEO -- (304) 518-4936