Sunahara to 'phins, Basketball expectations, Football schedule questions, Covid concerns, no fans in stands?, and CBME!

Sunahara to 'phins, Basketball expectations, Football schedule questions, Covid concerns, no fans in stands?, and CBME!

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Sunahara to the Dolphins, Big expectations for WVU Basketball, Football scheduling questions, Covid concerns for the football season, potentially no fans in the stands?, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On? our friend Rex Sunahara signs with the Dolphins, WVU Basketball continues to receive pre-season hype, WVU Football scheduling questions remain, we have Covid concerns for the football season overall, what do we think about no fans in the stands?, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: Updates

  • SIGNED: Rex Sunahara signs with the Dolphins as Undrafted Free Agent.
    • Coming in after Rookie from LSU Blake Ferguson tested positive for COVID and put on the Reserve lists until he passes NFL protocols.
    • Could be great for Rex...even if temporary in Miami... it is a foot in the NFL door!


  • Kittie Blakemore Passes Away... She launched WVU Womens BB.
  • WVU Basketball could be really good this year...
    • Early Bracketology has us as a 3 rank in March Bracket
    • Will there be Basketball?
    • What happens if not... Does Oscar leave for NBA? What happens to this team?


  • WVU Scheduled is messed up!!!
    • Florida State Game Canceled.
    • Rumors of WVU vs Marshall appear!.
    • Said to be open to a Week 0 game now.
    • Today was supposed to be Media Day for Big 12!!!
    • Big 12 Leadership is not leading with scheduling issues.
      • TC was on MetroNews and gave good info.
      • They are meeting on Monday (today) to talk about 9 game schedule plus 1 non conference.
        • Maybe 2 non conference.
        • Athletic Directors Met on Friday and gave the Presidents some options.
      • Going to work on 4 or 5 different scheduling models.
        • Moving the league schedule... changing everything.
  • Power 5 Conferences are starting to push back at NCAA for guidance on everything...
  • Pac12 Players starting a union??? Or at least have a list of demands if they are to play....
    • They have to sign Limited Liability waivers with the institution/conference
    • Washington State Coach threatens a player who might join the "unity group".
    • Who would represent them... There is no one that is their leader?!?!
    • Pac12 has a 10 game schedule... Conference only starting Sept 19th... if players show up.
  • ACC has set an 11 game schedule (10 plus 1 non-conference) starting the weekend of Sept 12th.
  • SEC announces a 10 game schedule.... conference only!! (start Sep 26th).
    • They usually play only 8 conference games... and then non-conference.
    • Need to rework the schedule.
  • What about the Group of 5 schools... they will likely play few to NO power 5 schools.
  • Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley (projected 1st rounder) first college player to opt out of the coming season.
  • Rutgers football outbreak grows.


Segment 2: "NO FANS" -- What do you think?

  • Lyons expects 20% or 25% capacity this season for home games.
  • How does no fans affect watching football on TV?
    • IS NCAA Football different than NFL?
  • How has it affected MLB or NBA?
    • NBA Zoom Fans?
    • Crowd noise.
    • No Bands?
  • NASCAR has limited fans in New Hampshire (14K in a 76K capacity track) this weekend... and it looked like watching a Wednesday nite Minor league baseball game... like 12 people spread throughout the stands.

Segment 3: Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!

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