Josh Growden, Basketball wins over Austin Peay and Nicholls State, in-state football talent

Josh Growden, Basketball wins over Austin Peay and Nicholls State, in-state football talent

football basketball interview austin peay nicholls state josh growden

Josh Growden interview, basketball wins over Austin Peay and Nicholls State, and a quick trip around in-state football talent.


Show Notes:


Awesome week for GYEO, thanks for all the kind words and [VOWV article on the Darius Stills interview](). Got to give away some basketball tickets. [Congrats Josh]()!

Segment 1: Josh Growden Interview

Segment 2: Basketball 

Austin Peay

  • Twitter pointing out that Austin Peay’s sports site is “”, and apparently they have that on the back of their warmups too.
  • Spent most of the game trying to figure out what exactly was going on here
  • And the other part being angry about this
  • We won.

Nicholls State

  • Saturday was the last broadcast on AT&T sports net. Next year all of those games will move to ESPN plus and not broadcast regionally. Kind of sad really, Huggs and AT&T team appreciative of each other afterwards.
  • Nicholls came up trying to push, shove, grab, whatever to try and muck up the game.
  • Bad out of the half. 10 pt WVU lead gone in about 4:00.
  • These refs. Normally walking with the ball on your knees is a travel. Not today.
  • Weird lineup for a good portion of the 2nd Half: Culver, Deuce, Knapper, McNeil, Harler, but a McNeil 3 puts the lead back to 10 with 11:30 to go.
  • Deangelo Hunter T’d for slapping the ball out of bounds. Emotional game for him. Huggs hugged him afterwards.
  • McNeil skying to block a dude’s dunk might be my fav thing of this game. He’s 3-6 from 3, rest of team is 6-25 (!).
  • Jay Jacobs continues to say “Nicholas State”. Clearly in the Christmas spirit.
  • Culver puts down a showtime windmill dunk, Macke gets his first two points, and we’re home with a win.

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Segment 3: WV Highschool Football Players

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