Baylor week, recapping Ok State loss, (some) fans back 10/17, Basketball ranked, BTF, and CBME!

Baylor week, recapping Ok State loss, (some) fans back 10/17, Basketball ranked, BTF, and CBME!

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Baylor week, recap of WVU's loss to Oklahoma State, fans allowed back into Milan Puskar starting Oct 17, Andy Katz has WVU Basketball ranked, BTF featuring autumn trivia, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we look ahead to the home matchup with Baylor, we recap the loss to Oklahoma State in Stillwater, talk about (some) fans being allowed back into Milan Puskar Stadium starting October 17, check in on WVU Basketball's ranking in the recent preseason top 25, BTF, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: WVU vs OKState (L, 27-13)

First Half

  • Pressure on this QB...?
  • Big boy running from Leddie.
  • 2nd series Leddie looked great 8 carries for 48 yards.
  • Darius is back!?! Cowan is awesome. Nice D early.
  • Terrible from Sinkfield in punt returns early. Fair catch at the 5...Oh boy, special teams...
  • Hey, TJ Simmons still plays for us.
  • Doege throwing it on a rope early.
  • If I had to be around people in blaze orange banging fraternity orientation paddles on gym mats for 3 hours I’d lose my crap...
  • Lets not throw the ball long again, please...? He was 4 for 5 on that series. Not that bad on short to medium.
  • Too easy...7-0, OSU. LD Brown is faster than Hubbard...
  • Leddie Brown called for having fun and having emotion.
  • Simmons with another great catch and run.
  • Scoop and score...14-0, OSU. Hard to criticize Doege when he literally has time to do nothing. O Line struggling (to put it mildly). Blocking and penalties.
  • Doege sits in the pocket so long. Yes, has to be faster getting rid of it. I mean, do it for your own safety, son. I hope he has a flack jacket on under that jersey.
  • Fg, OSU 17-0. Lucky to only give up a fg that drive.
  • Just as the game left ABC for Trump... Winston Wright breaks free and scores a TD! First TD for WVU! 17-7, OSU.
  • Kick off Muff, but OKstate keeps. WVU should have gotten it.
  • WVU dominated ball control in 1st half!
  • Weird game so far. WVU offensive stats solid. Moving the ball (when Doege isn’t getting smeared). Penalties and miscues messing them up.
  • Stills Bros with a good stop with 2 mins left in half. Huge stop for the D.
  • Wow, offensive penalties are offensive...
  • 1 min left in Half what a mess on play calls.... clock running... bad handoff...Doege looked confused. Punted with min left.
  • Offense and offensive line a mess that series. Feels like an opportunity missed before half.
  • I hate the phrase “Cowpokes”. Stupid!
  • Fg, 20-7, OSU. . OSU gets the ball to start the 2nd half. That scoop and score looming large on this score. WVU winning the stat line at halftime.
  • Coach Brown was heated talking to “The Signal Caller” going into the locker room at the half... He said that the team lacked discipline!! He sounded frustrated.

Second Half

  • Game back on ABC for 2nd half!!
  • Please no, Cowan, don’t be hurt.
  • HUGE stop by the D to open the 2nd half.
  • Oh boy, Doege misses Ford-Wheaton on a sure td...
  • Opening 2nd half drive fizzles (penalty, Sinkfield chop block). Feels like another opportunity missed. WVU offense kind of stuck in neutral, can’t get out of their own way.
  • We have 1 sack. Cowan.
  • Pretty please no long passes?
  • 3 man rush by OSU, Doege sacked...
  • HUGE INT by Fields
  • OSU doesn’t even follow Doege on the zone read...
  • HUGE miss by the offense on that drive. Staley manages a fg. 20-10, OSU.
  • OSU LB with a mystery illness during WVU offensive tempo. WVU offense with a drive here after another solid D stop.
  • Kicking another fg. Staley converts. 20-13, OSU.
  • OSU goes away from Hubbard (and LD Brown) to run and milk clock late. LD Brown with a big draw run, first down, now it’s a clock issue.
  • Hubbard breaks one late. 27-13, OSU.
  • WVU offense staying committed. Penalties to the end.
  • My only real criticism of Doege (I mean, come on, the O-Line pass blocking was atrocious this game) is that he has to get rid of the ball much quicker as the pocket breaks down. And more than likely Parker has to help him with the plays being called.
  • Final, OSU 27-13.
  • Average rushing yards back to what it was last year due to the sacks. Leddie Brown with 104 yards.

Coach Brown’s postgame

  • "Today wasn’t good enough"
  • "Undisciplined game"
  • Gave them 10 points on offense. Scoop and score and the procedure penalty at the end of the half.
  • “Different game, same story as last year”. Not getting the plays when they need them. Not disciplined. Penalties.
  • Not making routine plays OKSU did.
  • Wishy washy on the O-line's issues.
  • Didn’t react well to pressure and adversity.
  • Said the heat was a problem and was rotating a lot of guys in.
  • Was happy with 3rd qtr but not a lot to show for it... gotta score touchdowns.
  • Background issues on the zoom. Background falling down and someone from the SID trying to tape it up in the middle of the presser.
  • Too many mistakes.

WVU Basketball

Other WVU and Big 12

  • 4 star RB Justin Johnson put out a pretty cool commitment video.
  • Milan Puskar Stadium at 25% capacity beginning Oct 17 when WVU hosts Kansas.
  • Around the Big 12:
    • OU cannot beat KState. Lost in 2019 and now 2020...maybe #3 was a stretch...38-35 Kansas State.
    • Iowa State sneaks past TCU 37-34.
    • Texas barely beats Texas Tech in a shootout 63-56...after trailing by 15 with roughly 3:00 to go.
    • Baylor smokes Kansas 47-14.
    • The Big12 has imploded. Everything is a mess and no Big 12 teams are likely going to the BCS.


  • A BTF featuring autumn trivia!

Segment 3: Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!

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