WVU's 27 - 21 OT win over Baylor recap, rest of Big 12 still a mess, BTF, and CBME!

WVU's 27 - 21 OT win over Baylor recap, rest of Big 12 still a mess, BTF, and CBME!

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WVU's 27 - 21 overtime win over Baylor recap and thoughts (not the prettiest), the rest of the Big 12 is still kind of a mess, BTF featuring Mountaineer Field trivia, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we recap WVU's 27 - 21 overtime victory over the Baylor Bears in their Big 12 home opener, we look around the rest of the Big 12 that continues to beat each other up, Bluff the Fluffs features Mountaineer Field trivia this week, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • WVU wins
  • They have won 5 of their last 7 games
  • Baylor can’t win in Morgantown
  • First OT win since 2013
  • Was not pretty! WVU is just playing ugly, unorganized Offensive and Special Teams football. Something has to change this team is better than this!
  • Gweedoe called it... covered and won by 7

Segment 1: WVU vs Baylor (W, 27-21, OT)


  • James Gmiter tests positive and will not be with the team.
  • What does this mean... did he practice with the team this week? Who else might have been exposed.
  • Zach Fraiser moves to the left guard to cover his position.
  • Tonkery moves to the bandit spot and Bartlett becomes 2nd team.

First Half

  • Strong first series! Doege had 7 completions to 5 different receivers.
  • Long ball looks bad again. False start early on the line puts the O in a hole. We stop for a first down spot review. Lots of passing after some Leddie success.
  • BOOM, Doege keeps the read, walks in, 7-0, WVU. Great drive after the big first down review. WVU reacting to the aggressive Baylor rush (quick passes, actually mostly pass plays to finish that out). Like Doege’s movement in the pocket early.
  • Scott Campbell the REF is ripped!
  • Great opening drive stop by the D. Stills brothers dominant at the point of attack early. O gets the ball right back after the 3 and out.
  • ABC's coverage is terrible... we missed Doege fumble cause they have to squeeze in a highlight from the Florida game.
  • O-line just crumbled to let them get to Doege. #79 John Hughes (junior) just let D-line get to Doege.
  • Baylor gave up an amazing opportunity to get a TD and misses the FG... WVU D Wins... Lucky.
  • How about the CHOPS on the Baylor Kicker???
  • Zach Fraiser Holding call and long play called back.
  • Doege 2nd fumble of the game. Gets blasted on a corner blitz. Baylor D ends continue to be aggressive.... he has been on his back a lot. Nobody caught the blitzer...
  • Stills brothers still getting major push up front on this Baylor O line. Just Owning them!!! Another great stop, Baylor punt, Baylor 1 net yd of O through the first qtr.
  • First play back...Doege gets a takaway with an interception... GIVE THE DEFENSE A BREAK! Great play by the Baylor LB in his defense, but yes, O killing the momentum.
  • Doege's Jersey is all ripped up after coming off the field from that interception... Nameplate falling off.. What does that tell you???
  • DOINK! Defense holds them again... and they can't convert the FG... off the right post. Two misses now for the Baylor kicker.
  • Offense now pooping the bed. Doege throws an AWFUL INT. Leddie saves a pick six. D on deck again!!!
  • This game is making me dizzy!!! What a trainwreck!! Terrible (HORRIFIC) Pass interference call!!! WVU screwed (BIG TIME) out of a takeaway. Refs should be thrown out of the game for targeting after that call. D still stepping up. (JOHNSON IS MAD!).
  • Side note: we should probably be up 17 points now, but it’a a td game and Baylor is in WVU territory.
  • Td Baylor.. Charlie Brewer throws a great pass to Sneed... Tie game. Terrible call leads to Baylor points. 7-7.
  • Twitter going Crazy calling for Garrett Greene.... I don't think Coach Brown is on Twitter right now. Interesting. Aside from the bad INT, I think Baylor pressure is causing most of the problems.
  • Bryce Ford Wheaton lost his mind on that play... Should not have flattened that guy and got called for it. Kills the drive. WVU punts.
  • Officials are using digital whistles? What is that...
  • Every time Baylor's Lovett is called to run the ball... Scoot thought of Jon Lovitz...
  • Superbly awful offensive series gives Baylor the ball back with 1:00 to go. That made zero sense. Offense with an offensive half of football.
    • Terrible clock management... That is a coaching issue to Gweedoe. Quick 3 and out and calling plays that lead to turning it back over to Baylor. Disaster end to the half is going to give Baylor a chance to tack on points.
  • Nice trip up by Darius to get the stop before ball gets out of bounds and Baylor burns a TO.
  • Refs get that hold on WVU, but not Dante getting held on the line...TERRIBLE.
  • WVU Defense is playing amazing... they have looked great in the first 10 qrts of this season... would be nice the Offense could put some points on the board for them!!!
  • What the $#@% happened with the game clock!! it is 2020... can't we have a clock that works!!
    • Game clock itself just as bad as the clock management (seemed to hang on 2 seconds for multiple seconds then suddenly went to zero). Somehow Baylor is going to get a chance with their backup kicker. It’s blocked. There’s a flag. Please let us go to the half.
    • The small crowd (of families) is making a lot of Anti-Ref noise!!
    • The Refs are taking 6 years to make this decision!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!?
    • Darious Stills ran onto the field... After the kick was blocked... and flagged for coming onto the field early...but not enforced..Ball was dead.
  • Coach Brown tell Jed Drenning going into the locker room that the Offense “is just BAD”. Totally agree.
  • Doege under pressure that half, but has to be better with the ball and have awareness of the pressure on him. Parker calling East / west plays that are a waste instead of leaning on Leddie’s inside running. Overall disappointed in the O and wouldn’t be shocked to see another QB enter the conversation in the 2nd half.
  • Halftime, 7-7.

Second Half

  • Offense comes out with a 3 and out. D holds again after Baylor starts with good field position. Offense HAS GOT TO get out of neutral at some point. Don’t need a lot of points today with this D, BUT WE NEED SOMETHING.
  • Mesidor, BOOM, sack. Get up, Ottawa!!!
  • Another 3 and out for the offense. Poor punt from Sumpter. Feels like we’re watching Doege play his way out of the starting role.
  • Another stop for the D gives WVU back the ball. Brown and Sinkfield getting it going, Brown leaves for a few plays, shaken up. Doege in better rhythm, WVU timeout, 2:42 to go, in scoring position.
  • Strong running from Leddie, TD after review. 14-7, WVU. Big drive that was much needed from the O (11 plays, 72 yds, 5:32).
  • Kick off out of bounds.... now I have to talk about social teams this week. How does that happen...?
  • Way to go ABC... missed the INT on camera. Defense still looks great. Great INT by Miller.
  • Offense does nothing with the turnover + horrible officiating on a pretty obvious Baylor offsides, punt.
  • Another big stop from the D.
  • Offense can’t extend the drive after a first down. Punt.
  • Neal Brown visibly not happy with the Offense, shaking head as they came off the field.
  • SPECIAL #$%@^&@ TEAMS!!! Muffed. In quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my entire football watching life, Wheaton blasts into Sinkfield and gives Baylor back the ball. It made ESPN ‘Sunday Funday’ which is their not top 10.
  • Terrible pass interference call on Miller extends Baylor drive. Miller playing great D, later intercepts the ball in the end zone, but foot out of bounds. D cannot be giving it any more in this game.
  • WVU D holds after review. HUGE STOP! WVU got lucky. Looked like it would be overturned.
  • Side note: Tyler Orlovsky is annoying...
  • HUGE FIRST DOWN...Sam James with the catch and run.
  • Brandon Yates keeps getting penalties...
  • NOW Doege keeps it? NOW? Need another 1st down!!!
  • Refs swallowing the whistles now when Baylor personal fouls could be ending this game. Lots of after the play pushing.
  • Time for WVU defense to show what they are made of!!
  • Stupid penalties!!!! Fresh set of downs for Baylor.
  • Tony fields with a brain dead play to layout out Baylor WR. Bad bad bad!
  • Baylor receiver gets loose, td, tie game, 14-14.
  • Personal foul gives WVU good field position. May not matter with this offense. False start forces a timeout to avoid the 10 second runoff.
  • This now feels like an OT loss...
  • Sam James with a big drop...WVU bleeds clock, we go to OT, 14-14.


  • We are heading to Overtime...
  • WVU on O first...which seems bad...
  • I think our defense has a better chance to score points.
  • Doege has a 27 step drop back!
  • Wow the offense decides to play. Doege to Bryce Ford Wheaton for the TD. 21-14, WVU.
  • First Baylor play, pitch and catch for the TD. 21-21.
  • WVU intercepts on first play of Overtime #2.
    • Play under review...again
    • Still under review
    • Still under review
    • And.. still under the review
    • Finally interception stands
  • WVU ball. Pass to the flat for 9 yards...Free 5 yards...
  • WVU pounds it down the middle. Within 20yd FG
  • Leddie scores up the middle, game over.
  • Why kick it. Run it in! Shut up Orlovsky!!!
  • WVU, 27-21. Cue Country Roads. Baylor still has never won in Morgantown.

Big12 Refs are especially Bad this weekend

Coach Brown’s Postgame

  • Wasn’t pretty but they had Grit.
  • Defense was really good. Strong in red zone.
  • Darius played like his Preseason Hype.
  • Has had great preparation this week. He devoted himself for the last 2 weeks.
  • Coach said that “next year he will get to play at the next level”.
  • Offense wasn’t good enough.
  • 2nd half they did better and figured out a way to win.
  • 4/4 red zone.
  • 3/3 on 4th down.
  • Happy with the overtime play on both sides of the ball.
  • Costly errors in special team.
  • Coach likes being aggressive on 4th down.
  • FGs do not win in overtime.
  • Gerard Parker had the play call for the 4th down in OT.
  • Had a good week of practice.
  • Feel like a year ago this team would not have comeback and won this game. They have learned to get pass the tough parts.

Other Big 12

  • TCU beats Texas 33-31.
  • Oklahoma is falling off the rails... they have forgotten how to win... Iowa State wins 37 - 30.
    • Been 60 years since OK lost in Ames, IA.
    • First time since 1994 they have lost back to back games while ranked.
    • This weekend is the Red River Showdown.

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Mountaineer Field trivia!

Segment 3: Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!

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