Basketball beats Iowa State, looks ahead to Kansas, Football in the Liberty Bowl, BTF, and Christmas gifts!

Basketball beats Iowa State, looks ahead to Kansas, Football in the Liberty Bowl, BTF, and Christmas gifts!

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WVU Basketball takes care of Iowa State and looks ahead to Kansas, WVU Football learns its bowl destination and opponent, BTF quizzes us on Christmas movies, and we hand out some WVU Christmas gifts.


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, WVU Basketball takes care of Iowa State at home and looks ahead to Tuesday's showdown with Kansas, WVU Football learns its bowl destination and opponent, Coach Brown completes his signing day class, and BTF quizzes us on Christmas movies. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

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  • National Signing Day... goes International again!!
  • WVU Going to the Autozone Liberty Bowl vs Tenn! Good Ole Rocky Top!!
  • WVU vs Iowa State (a team that lost to the dumpster fire that is Kstate )

Segment 1: Basketball

WVU vs Iowa State on Friday was Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.... WIN.. 70 to 65

  • It looks weird that they didn't pull down the seats.
  • After Richmond... we are back to playing to the level of our opponents.
  • Deuce looks good...starting strong... shots... steals... rebounds.
  • Gabe fighting hard in the paint first half.
  • Matthews looks confident... with a 3.
  • WVU defense letting Iowa state stay in this game!
  • Hugs yelling on TV is great!!!
  • Iowa State leads at Half.
  • McCabe came in for about 30 seconds...turnover...gets beat on defense and Huggs benches him...
  • Iowa State jumps out to 10pt lead mid 2nd half.
  • Bolton has given WVU a hard time.
  • Culver has his 5th Double Double of the season.
  • Iowa State beach cheering like Cheerleaders (defense... defense...).
  • Taz Sherman... Shoots... misses... Gets his own rebound... WVU takes the lead!
  • Taz Sherman Steal on the press...
  • Iowa State... falls apart with under 30 seconds left...
  • Culver misses 2 fouls shots with 9 seconds left that would have iced it... Luckily Emmett does Ice it!
  • Gary Maxwell (ref) doesn't even try to wear a mask.
  • Deuce looking like a leader out there.. looks like it was his team.
  • Deuce was clutch this week!!
  • Gabe scores 1 point... 7 rebounds... and uncountable charges...
  • Culver and Mcbride combine for 36 of the 70 points.
  • Pretty much just 7 guys played...
  • 888 win for Huggs.


  • National Signing Day
    • WVU has a great Website
    • Neal Brown goes international again!
    • Getting the Top in state recruits again... LETS GO!!!
    • Recruiting let down, is it a product of the 2020 season or is it the Big 12 in general.
    • Autozone Liberty Bowl vs. SEC.
    • WVU Plays in Liberty Bowl against Tenn. 4pm on New Years Eve!! In Memphis Tenn.
      • How much did this bowl selection have to do with travel and regionality?
      • 2nd time we have played Tenn... We won back in 2018 40-18...
      • Grier Threw for 430yards... David Sills Caught 2 TDs.
      • TJ Simmons had a 59yd TD catch in that game...
    • Tenn is 3-6 this season.. and has had some QB problems
  • Dante Stills announces he will return for his senior season.

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Featuring Christmas movie trivia!

Segment 3: WVU Christmas Gifts

  • Giving gifts to our favorite WVU people.

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