Basketball IS BACK, down goes #10 Texas Tech, Football transfer portal drama, BTF, and a new CBME!

Basketball IS BACK, down goes #10 Texas Tech, Football transfer portal drama, BTF, and a new CBME!

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WVU Basketball IS BACK... from Covid postponement with authority, takes down #10 Texas Tech at the Coliseum, WVU Football transfer portal drama, Bluff the Fluffs, and a new Can't Believe My 'Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we recap WVU Basketball roaring out of Covid postponement with wins over Kansas State and #10 Texas Tech, we recap some WVU related college football transfer portal drama with Darnell Wright shocking annoucement, Bluff the Fluffs challenges us on WVU vs Florida / SEC in anticipation of this weekend's tilt with the gators, and Scoot brings us a new Can't Believe My 'Eers.  Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

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  • Two nice wins for the WVU BB team after their 2 week Covid Break!
  • Darnell Wright Crazyness...Was Neal Brown Close?

Segment 1: Basketball

WVU vs Kstate, Win, 69-47

  • Friday was the first day all 11 players were able to practice
  • Huggs says he doesn't feel like they are prepared. 
  • 4 Guys were able to practice the whole time, but it was a slow roll back to 11 practicing
  • Interesting starting lineup (Mcabe, Bridges, McBride, Culver, Sherman)
  • Bruce Weber masks help shut him up! He looks like he is going to swallow his mask
  • Another weird lineup Ndiaye, McNeil, Johnson, McCabe, Bridges
  • Kstate is terrible...I mean bad... they are averaging 1to per min,
  • This was Huggs' win number 891.
  • This was WVU's biggest win on the road since joining the Big 12, and the first time this score has happened in WVU history.

No.11 WVU vs No.10 Texas Tech, Win, 88-87

  • McBride, McCabe, Sherman, Culver and Bridges
  • McCabe didn't miss any time because of Covid protocols. so he gets 2 starts 
  • Threes are flying early
  • Bridges looks good (Fran calls him the best Pro Prospect on the team)
  • Kedrian Johnson d on McClung....lookin good
  • After a strong is tied at the half after TT goes on a heater 13-3 run to close out the half
  • McClung gets hot in 2nd half has 6 in first half
  • TT takes as much as a 12pt lead in 2nd.. but WVU FIGHTS BACK
  • Down to the wire...WVU with last possession down 1pt 16sec to go
  • Time out central...10 mins of time outs
  • Duece hits game winner...cue country roads...celebration time!
  • This game was a rollercoaster!
  • WVU didn't miss a field goal attempt over the last 9 minutes of the game (10 for 10 during that span)!
  • Huggs said Matthews is down 18 pounds (!).
  • Jalen Bridges has been killing it since joining the lineup.
  • This was Huggs' win number 892 and his 20th win over a top 10 team at WVU.
  • Next Up - WVU plays a good Florida Gators team Currently Ranked 4th in the SEC, but Unranked in the AP
    • Did you know Alabama Basketball is ranked and currently undefeated in SEC play?
    • Why does SEC basketball not scare me?
  • WVU plans to welcome fans back into the Coliseum starting with the Jan 30 game vs Florida.  Well, 1,000 of them anyway...

Other WVU:

Other Basketball:

  • WV top Prep Hoops player Issac McKineely going to announce his school choice on Saturday at 2pm?

Other Football:

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • WVU vs Florida / SEC trivia!

Segment 3: Can't Believe My 'Eers

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