Gold Blue Spring Game, too early football predictions, movement around the Basketball portal, BTF, and a new CBME!

Gold Blue Spring Game, too early football predictions, movement around the Basketball portal, BTF, and a new CBME!

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WVU Spring football! We're discussing the Gold Blue Spring Game and way too early football season predictions, more movement around the WVU Basketball portal, BTF, and a new CBME!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we recap WVU Football's Gold Blue Spring Game and give some way too early football win / loss predictions, we discuss more movement inside and outside the WVU Basketball portal, Bluff the Fluffs challenge us on WV politicians and their sports tie-ins, and Gweedoe brings us a new CBME. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

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Segment 1: Basketball

  • Gold Blue Game Re-cap.
  • Shane Lyons announces Neal Brown's contract extension, which locks him in for several more years and increases his buyout.
  • Signs Charles Woods, CB transfer from Illinois State.
  • Spring Football Practice Awards were given out at the Gold-Blue Game... Here are the winners!
    • Juice Award: Offense: Garrett Greene, Defense: Eddie Watkins Jr.
    • Love to Practice (Attitude) Award: Offense: Zach Frazier, Defense: Nicktroy Fortune, Special Teams: J.P. Hadley.
    • Perfect Effort: Offense: Mike O'Laughlin, Defense: Edward Vesterinen.
    • Outstanding Walk-On Award: Offense: Nick Malone, Tyler Connelly; Defense: Drew Joseph.
    • Most Improved First-Year Player: Offense: Jordan White, Garrett Greene, Reese Smith; Defense: Lanell Carr, Jackie Matthews, Taurus Simmons.
    • Most Improved Overall: Offense: Tony Mathis Jr., Parker Moorer; Defense: Akheem Mesidor, VanDarius Cowan Scout.
    • Special Teams Award: Naim Muhammad.
    • Most Productive Player: Offense: Winston Wright Jr., Isaiah Esdale; Defense: Dante Stills; Special Teams: Malachi Ruffin.
  • Way too early predictions on the football season:
    • Johnson: 7-5
    • Gweedoe: 8-4
    • Scoot: 5-7

WVU Basketball:

Other WVU:


Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Challenging us on sports tie-ins for WV politicians.

Segment 3: CBME

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