GOPHERS, LONGHORNS, AND CASAZZA. OH MY! Casazza joins, Bowl loss, Doege's leaving, and a Bball loss in Austin!

GOPHERS, LONGHORNS, AND CASAZZA. OH MY! Casazza joins, Bowl loss, Doege's leaving, and a Bball loss in Austin!

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GOPHERS, LONGHORNS, AND CASAZZA. OH MY! Mike Casazza of 247Sports joins to discuss the bowl loss, Doege's big announcement, looking ahead to the 2022 football season, and a shorthanded loss in Austin!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, Mike Casazza of 247Sports joins us to discuss the WVU Football loss to the Minnesota Golden Gophers in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, Jarret Doege's big transfer announcement, and what we might expect from football in 2022, and WVU Basketball grinds through a shorthanded game in Austin against the Texas Longhorns where they pick up their second loss. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: Football

WVU loses to Minnesota in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, 18-6.

1st Half
  • Coach is wearing a Hat? No Visor
  • Raining in the Dome to start the game... What are we doing here at the Baseball Field
  • Dante gets a Big sack to stop Minn from scoring on their first series
  • Then their kicker misses and Scoot would have hit that either foot!
  • Minn should be up 14-0... but they fumble and WVU get the Ball... Woods recovers
  • Back to back sacks... OH my god... how was that not a safety... Under review...
  • Brandon Yates got beat bad...
  • Now 3rd and 25...
  • End of First Qtr... 0-0.. Doege has 6 yards passing and -15 yards
  • Faalele.. is 6'9 380... lines up as Fullback and scores at the beginning of 2nd Qtr... then they run a 2pt conversion
  • WVU drives down the series..
  • Back to back running plays on 2nd and 3rd....
  • WVU goes for it on 4th.... Doege Running for his life... scores a TD
  • We line up in a weird formation to go for 2 and... don't
  • Thomas runs a 50yard play... and then goes on to score on a short run.
  • This all looks the same... We didn't change anything in the last 4 weeks
  • Tony Mathis runs down the field and recovers the fumble... great job.. great hustle
  • Took the whole half... but Doege finally tosses an Int.
  • Doege has been on the ground so much
2nd Half
  • Delay of game... to start the half... kickoff!!!
  • Neal Brown wearing the headset weird
  • Minn had the ball for 17mins more than WVU. More than a quarter!
  • What a waste...
  • HCNB
    • "we Only played with 6 O-Linemen
    • "we gotta better"
  • Jordan Lesley
    • you will be surprised in 2022
    • This team is still young
  • Garrett Greene:
    • My assumed sideline conversation re: Garrett Greene (the Greene situation is like someone who is being made to feel miserable so they’ll leave the program).
    • (Largest momentum shifting play of the game occurs; Charles Woods interception)
      • Parker: send Greene in
      • Brown: now? It’s kind of a huge moment
      • Parker: I know, it’ll make him feel extra bad when it doesn’t work
      • Brown: genius. Garrett, you’re in
      • Greene: now?
      • Brown: yeah, I know it’s a huge moment and we didn’t prep you, but go in and run that play that has no chance. Chop, chop, play clock’s running
    • (Greene goes in, fumbles the snap, is yanked back to the sideline never to be heard from again. Brown and Parker laugh like villains)

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Player Over / Under Predictions
Player Challenge Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Leddie Brown 1,500 yards Over Over Under Over
Jarrett Doege 3,200 yards Over Under Under Under
Garrett Green 10 attempts Under Over Over Over
Team Win / Loss Predictions
Game Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Maryland Win Loss Loss Loss Loss, 30-24
LIU Win Win Win Win Win, 66-0
Va Tech Win Win Win Win Win, 27-21
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss, 16-13
Tx Tech Win Win Loss Win Loss, 23-20
Baylor Win Win Loss Win Loss, 45-20
TCU Loss Loss Win Loss Win, 29-17
IA State Loss Loss Loss Loss Win, 38-31
OK State Loss Win Loss Loss Loss, 24-3
KS State Win Win Win Win Loss, 34-17
Texas Win Loss Loss Loss Win, 31-23
Kansas Win Win Win Win Win, 34-28
Minnesota Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss, 18-6
Total 8 - 4 7 - 5 5 - 7 6 - 6 6 - 7

Segment 2: Basketball

  • WVU loses to Texas in Austin (shorthanded), 74-59.
    • Jalen Bridges was a bright spot of production in this game.
    • Ultimately, 20 WVU turnovers were the story in this game.
    • Gabe O, Taz and Kobe Johnson all out on Covid protocols
    • WVU only scored 20pts in first half
    • Not having Taz is a problem
    • Texas Lays off the gas in the 2nd Half...
    • Both team ends up shooting 42%
    • Texas was 15 for 16 at the free throw line
    • JB 16 points with 6 rebouds and 3 steals
    • Curry scores 14 points in 2nd half
    • McNeil has 12 points (7 in the first half). Texas locked him down with Taz out
    • Jamil King plays 14 mins...

Huggs Post Game:

  • Took Huggs a long long time to come out and talk with Tony... TC was vamping like crazy (Since Jay Jacobs was also out in Covid Protocol)
  • "20 Turnovers is 20 more times they had to score"
  • "We do it everyday in practice. We try and make them run when they turn it over. They are so carless with the ball"
  • "We can't run a set. I am embarrassed after all these years"
  • "Texas is not a hard building to play in"
  • "Texas is one of the easiest places to play in the league cause they don't bring people here" "you can hear coversations in the stands"
  • TC: "any thing good?" Huggs: "it is not going to change until they change. We shortcut everything. Until we start to do things right. We can't catch the ball"
  • "We should wear masks while we play"
  • Huggs said that someone came back on the flight to Austin and said that there was Covid on the plane. It sounds like Taz, Gabe and Kobe traveled to Texas... then tested positive on the plane?

Other Basketball:

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Prediction Gweedoe Scoot Johnson
Leads the team in scoring? Taz Taz Taz
1st into the Jordan McCabe (TM) Doghouse? Curry Kedrian Kedrian
Total wins? 19 21 19
Highest AP poll ranking? 20 15 Also rec votes
Seed in the 2022 NCAA Tourney? 9 7 8
Huggins elected into the Basketball HOF? No No No

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