OUT HIT AND BEAT DOWN IN LUBBOCK! Football suffers a dominating loss to Texas Tech and returns home to TCU

OUT HIT AND BEAT DOWN IN LUBBOCK! Football suffers a dominating loss to Texas Tech and returns home to TCU

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OUT HIT AND BEAT DOWN IN LUBBOCK! The Mountaineers suffer a complete and total dominating loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders and return home with plenty of questions ahead of a home date with TCU.


On this week's Got Your Eers On? we’re discussing what amounted to one of the worst losses in recent memory by WVU football to Texas Tech, we wonder about the offensive game plan in this one that seemed to be no help to a struggling defense, and we surmise what the remainder of the football season may hold for the team, and most importantly, the head coach. Join us for all this and more on this week’s episode of Got Your Eers On!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: WVU STINKS! Texas Tech 48 - WVU 10

  • Neal Brown Post game: “TTU was complete domination coming off a bye week”
    • “Disappointed as I have ever been as a football coach”
    • “We Played as bad as we could offensively”
    • “Bad Offensively… we didn’t play well at any position”
    • “Defensively… to be fair.. it is tough to evaulate them… they had to play 34 mins”
    • Complaining about officials
    • “They kicked our tail in coverage”
    • “loss of RBs was a zero factor in the outcome of the game”
    • “poor on 3rd down. we were 4-14”
    • “their asses will be held accountable. if they didn’t play hard their ass wont play next week”
  • HCNB looks like a beat man… a man who knows he is not going to have a job come Dec.
  • Didn’t feel like a lot of “want to” being seen in this game
  • JT Daniels ended with 3 interceptions
  • Garrett Greene entered with 11:58 to play
  • Wolfman: Tech completely out physical’d the Mountaineers
  • Pat McAfee called WVU Most Disappointing Team in College Football on ESPN College Gameday
  • WVU Plays TCU in Morgantown on Saturday at Noon on ESPN.
    • TCU currently favored by 7.5
    • o/u is 70 for the game
    • TCU allows an average of 416 yard per game (WVU allows 444)

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This week's predictions:

  • Gweedoe: TCU, 48-24
  • Johnson: TCU, 48-27
  • Scoot: TCU, 55-13
Game Scoot Gweedoe Johnson Actual
@Pitt Loss Loss Loss Loss, 38-31
Kansas Win Win Win Loss, 55-42, OT
Towson Win Win Win Win, 65-7
@Virginia Tech Win Win Win Win, 33-10
@Texas Loss Loss Loss Loss, 38-20
Baylor Loss Loss Loss Win, 43-40
@Texas Tech Loss Win Loss Loss, 48-10
TCU Win Win Win
@Iowa State Loss Loss Loss
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss
Kansas State Loss Loss Win
@Oklahoma State Loss Loss Loss
Total 4 - 8 5 - 7 5 - 7 3 - 4

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