LYONS SPITTING FIRE, STILLWATER WIN, AND 2-1 IN PORTLAND! Lyons critical interview + Football and Bball wins!

LYONS SPITTING FIRE, STILLWATER WIN, AND 2-1 IN PORTLAND! Lyons critical interview + Football and Bball wins!

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SHANE LYONS SPITTING FIRE, A WIN IN STILLWATER, AND 2-1 IN PORTLAND! Shane Lyons gives a critical MetroNews interview, Football breaks the Stillwater losing streak, and Basketball wins 2 in Portland!


On this week's Got Your Eers On? Shane Lyons joins MetroNews and answers questions critical of President Gee and the WVU administration, WVU Football breaks a 7 game losing streak to Oklahoma State in Stillwater, and WVU Basketball dominates Florida to finish 2-1 and takes home 5th place in the Phil Knight Legacy Tournament! Join us for all this and more on this week’s episode of Got Your Eers On!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: WVU beats Oklahoma State, 24-19

  • A rainy, miserable, messy, ugly game
  • ESPN spent some time reporting their opinion of Neal Brown returning next season
  • Spencer Sanders Dresses for Ok State… Stands on sidelines, but does not play!
  • After a 36 yard TD run by Garrett Greene, he was benched to give Nicco Marchiol a series
    • It was the 3rd series, so, you know…
    • Neal always loves an opportunity to mess with Garrett Greene
  • One of the most WVU DB things of the season occurred when Malachai Ruffin gave the incomplete pass celebration as his man ran downfield with the ball…that he caught
  • Jaylen Anderson was the story of this game as he scored on runs of 54 and 57 yards
  • WVU breaks the Oklahoma State win streak against them as this season continues to be weird
  • Gweedoe and Johnson correctly pick the season at 5-7 while Scoot is one off at 4-8
    • We all picked Kansas, Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma incorrectly though (weird season)
  • Dante Stills finishes with the Most Games Ever played by WVU Football Player 59 Games played

Other Football:

  • WVU settled with Shane Lyons for $2.6 million
  • Shane Lyons has interview with Hoppy on WV Metronews Talkline
    • He blasts Gee… Talked opening about being the “scape goat” for the football program
    • Was fired because of the extension
    • 2 weeks before being fired… Gee mention he was happy to “be in the foxhole” with Lyons.
    • Says Gee was pushing Shane to “Cross the Line” when working with the Country Roads Trust and NIL
    • Lyons “felt hurt” they he was pushed out
    • Feel like it was because the fan based was worked up about football… he was is the scapegoat
    • Asked if he would keep HCNB “This was Year 2 for Neal Brown” He is still building. He would keep him.
  • Rodney Gallagher is now visiting Penn State
  • Rich Rod a finalist for the Eddie Robinson Award
  • Lance Leipold and Kansas agree on a new contract through 2029
  • Cincinnati’s Luke Fickell is headed to Wisconsin



Game Scoot Gweedoe Johnson Actual
@Pitt Loss Loss Loss Loss, 38-31
Kansas Win Win Win Loss, 55-42, OT
Towson Win Win Win Win, 65-7
@Virginia Tech Win Win Win Win, 33-10
@Texas Loss Loss Loss Loss, 38-20
Baylor Loss Loss Loss Win, 43-40
@Texas Tech Loss Win Loss Loss, 48-10
TCU Win Win Win Loss, 41-31
@Iowa State Loss Loss Loss Loss, 31-14
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss Win, 23-20
Kansas State Loss Loss Win Loss, 48-31
@Oklahoma State Loss Loss Loss Win, 24-19
Total 4 - 8 5 - 7 5 - 7 5 - 7

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