Cleveland Classic win, Eers Poll recap, WV Hyper Loop

Cleveland Classic win, Eers Poll recap, WV Hyper Loop

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Cleveland Classic win over OSU, Eers Poll recap of opinion on Tony Caridi working the Gasparilla Bowl, and Scoot weighs in on the WV Hyper Loop.


Show Notes:

Segment 1: Basketball


  • Survived the last few minutes of the 1st half.
  • Couldn't believe we were only down 6 given the Culver / Oscar situation.
  • Referees impacted the game way too much.
  • The entire OSU team was a bunch of happy floppers, I mean really.
  • Miles McBride HEAT CHECK.
  • Routt called for a travel at one point because there were too many Mountaineers on the floor to step anywhere.
  • Foul shooting... (15-25 overall).
  • Erik Martin always looks like he's speaking in a high octave; and he always has the "aw hell naw" look on his face.
  • McCabe (once again) with big foul shots to help close out a win.

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Segment 2: Tony Caridi poll and Marshall Basketball Font

Segment 3: WV Hyperloop

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