Kansas loss, Rex Sunahara, and coaching moves

Kansas loss, Rex Sunahara, and coaching moves

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Phog Allen Fieldhouse defeat for basketball, an interview with long snapper Rex Sunahara, and offseason football coaching moves.


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we discuss WVU basketball's close loss to Kansas at Phog Allen Fieldhouse, long snapper Rex Sunahara stops by to discuss his journey to WVU and beyond, and we wrap with some offseason football discussion on coaching moves, a familiar face in a new role with an old WVU foe, and what the future might hold for the WVU quarterback position.  Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


Tough week. Playing 2 top 3 teams in a week. 4 halves of this young team sticking with ranked powerhouse teams was too much to ask.  Saw that in the 4th of the Kansas game. 

Huggins Calls refs “Three Blind Mice” during postgame.  Kansas has 19 fouls WVU had 18. Was Huggins right?  

Johnson: Ahem, I tweeted my thoughts already, which you are welcome to like and retweet / reply to if you already haven't.

Segment 1: Basketball (Kansas)

First Half

  • Huggs with a big talc handprint on his back. Somebody help the man out and wipe it off.
  • Culver with a great spin and score early.
  • Nice passing to start the game. 
  • Oscar playing like a man angry to have only played 8 mins vs Ohio State; and Azubuike practically laying on his back / wrestling him early in the game. You could tell that was going to be a battle. 
  • Gabe O getting those assists right off the bat. Dish to Harler for a 3. Great Gabe dish for a Fran Fraschilla ‘dagger 3’.
  • Dotson clearly schooled in the Frank Mason school of flopping and flailing.
  • Oscar is the only Big 12 freshman to get a double double going into Saturday’s game.
  • OSCAR DUNKS ON THE ENTIRE STATE OF KANSAS, and with 4 minutes to go in the first half I love everything. Oscar has DD in first half.
  • McCabe hit a 3! And he's making great passes! Life is great!
  • Culver came back in, took 3 uncharacteristically bad shots, kind of took us out of rhythm. Odd for him. 
  • Up 6 at the break. Feels like it should be a bigger lead.
  • One of the bigger takeaways from the first half: I don't like Matthews' hair...

2nd Half

  • Rough start.  Kansas got back into it fast.   
  • Took lead with 13 to go
  • How many lobs for dunks can we possibly give up? Answer: a lot.
  • Refs got into the game. Foul Fouls Fouling.  I learned that you could get a jump ball by putting your opponent in a headlock.
  • 7 turn overs in the first 10 mins of 2nd half.
  • Oscar rebound no call was terrible.  They were all over his back!!!
  • Johnson “2nd 1/2 is a shot show”; Autocorrect strikes (making me even angrier).
  • Free throw shooting kills us... they are FREE!! 12 for 22 from the line. Woof.
  • Like watching a bunch of 2nd graders playing out there.  Bodies everywhere on the floor.
  • I don't know what we're trying to do on offense...and apparently neither to we...
  • How is this game still close with how we're playing?
  • Culver was doubled and not happy about it the 2nd half; Yes, spent the whole half being angry about it and almost seemingly adding to his own frustration.

Segment 2: Rex Sunahara Interview 

Segment 3: Football Talk

  • Recruiting Coordinator Casey Smithson  leaving to go work with Holgerson at Houston.
  • Pat White named the RB coach at USF. Did you realize they say, "Horns Up" and use the hand sign?
  • New VOWV writer Clark Johnson... Says Austin Kendall should "Hang it up"  what do you think?

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