Basketball wins over OSU / Tx Tech, Fb coaching moves, WVU rooting histories, and a listener question!

Basketball wins over OSU / Tx Tech, Fb coaching moves, WVU rooting histories, and a listener question!

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Hoops triumphs over Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, Football coaching moves, our WVU rooting histories, and a listener question!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we discuss a two win week for WVU Hoops -- one on the road at Oklahoma State before returning home to defeat Texas Tech, we recap some recent coaching moves under football head coach Neal Brown, and then we wrap with some reflection on our own WVU rooting histories, and answer a listener question.  Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


Men’s Hoops ranked 17 and Women’s Hoops ranked 20! Mike Carey always has winners! Huggins fined by Big12 for calling refs 3 blind mice!  

Segment 1: Basketball

WVU vs Oklahoma State

  • Wow, OSU packed The Madison Square Garden of the Plains Gallagher-Iba Arena
  • I still submit that anytime you have to say 'historic' Gallagher-Iba Arena that it's not in fact, historic. If it was so historic, we'd know it was historic.
  • I learn new things from Big 12 officials every game. This game, I learned that you could get punched in the face and be called for a foul (illegal use of face?).
  • We should be beating this team by 20 points, but it's tough early.
  • Taz Sherman balling, and gives Lindy Waters a glance afer a made 3.
  • Knapper scores. ESPN guys, "I'm not sure that was a shot."
  • Oscar dunks on Gallagher's Iba.
  • 28-19 at half time...   OSU average 1 basket every 2 minutes in this game.
  • Culver still seems to get no contact fouls.
  • McCabe hits a 3 and blows a kiss to their student section.
  • Emmitt Matthews needs to change up the hair game pronto. #BringBackTheDoo
  • Late push by OSU to try to get back in it. All 107 fans on their feet.
  • Culver and OSU guy getting into it. I've never seen that big of a push not evolve into a fight. That guy wants none of Culver, he'd get touched up faster than Scoot on a bowl of mac n cheese.
  • Can we please not run the play where we fall down trying to run this clock (guards falling everywhere).
  • This was a tough game to watch even with a 14 pt win... 55 to 41 was rough. Super ugly game, thank goodness the three point line was essentially the Bermuda Triangle to them.
  • Foul Shots still an issue...11-20 for the game; Culver 3-10.

22 Texas Tech vs 17 WVU

  • Crowd seemed pumped to start the game.  Great to be home.
  • Oscar - block, block, block early.
  • Benson for Texas Tech looked like a young Nate Adrian.  Hair and hair band
  • Super take to the hole early by Gabe, but couldn't quite finish. Fraschilla continues to say he couldn't score in an empty gym...
  • Great passing (again) by Culver.
  • Gweedoe watching this game in a room with his family while they all avoid him by wearing headphones and looking at other devices.
  • Moretti for Tech dropping 3's all over the place, 3-4 early, and keeping them in it.
  • Fraschilla refers to Oscar and Culver as the 'Twin Towers'.
  • Can we PLEASE make some free throws. We finish 23-35, 66%. Struggles from the line are mostly Culver (again), 3-10.
  • First half D could be better, a lot of chasing guys, back door cuts for open layups.
  • Knapper with what I have to assume was not the play Huggs drew up to end the half, turnover, we are lucky they don't score, go into the locker room up 37 - 31.
  • Consistently seem unorganized to start most 2nd halves.
  • Unbeknownst to us, Tony Caridi apparently being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this evening, decked out in the gold jacket.
  • Deuce gets loose! New career high, 22 points on 8-11 shooting.
  • Fraschilla fat head spotted in the crowd.
  • Gweedoe felt the gold rush crowd was a little weak, didn't bring the gold as much as he expected.
  • Technical on Tech (Tech on Tech?); Gabe leaves injured on the play, returns a la Willis Reed.
  • 5 second call on Tech inbounds, WVU ratcheting up the D. Fraschilla ends up calling it a defensive clinic.
  • Can you imagine if the offense could really get going.
  • Shaky passing, seemed to panic a bit with the Tech full court pressure.
  • Great win. Hard to believe where this team was last season.
  • Game highlights.
  • Interesting stat tweet.
Other B-ball
  • Is Miles McBride our Next Javon Carter?
  • Baylor beat Kansas in Phog Allen Fieldhouse... Is Baylor the #1 team in the nation? Big XII up for grabs?
  • WVU Women's team keeps winning with a 68 to 63 win over Texas in Morgantown. They play Oklahoma and #6 Baylor this week.

Segment 2: Football Coaching Moves 

  • Gerad Parker (Scoot has now decided he's French -- Gerard) hired at OC and Wide Recievers coach. Played with Brown at Kentucky; WVU had two OC's last year (Matt Moore and Chad Scott were co-OC's).
  • Jeff Koonz joins as the Linebackers Coach from Ole Miss; Lane Kiffen didn't retain him; 200K a year... he made 300K last year at Ole Miss. Bargin... (maybe Short term?... DC in the future).

Segment 3: How Did We Become Mountaineer Fans?

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