TCU win, Kansas State loss, Baseball's almost here, and come on home Frederick County!

TCU win, Kansas State loss, Baseball's almost here, and come on home Frederick County!

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TCU win, Kansas State loss for WVU Hoops, Baseball season is approaching, and come on home Frederick County, Virginia!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we discuss a win over TCU (yay!) and a Kansas State loss (boo!) for WVU Hoops, we look forward to the approaching baseball season, and then we wrap with an open invitation to Frederick County, Virginia.  Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


On Feb 29th WVU will be retiring #44... yes, again.  This time for Rod Thorn who played in the early 60s.  He also wore 44 after West did.   44 was retired for West in 2005!  Thorn was the last WVU player to wear 44. 

Segment 1: Basketball


First Half
  • A Tues evening 9pm game is dumb!!!  Come on Big12 and ESPN!!!...but the crowd showed up
  • 7:00 in Huggins did a line change.
  • Knapper is hot...2 for 2 to start.
  • It starts raining 3s.  Harler hits one; Hahlah with 7 on 3-3 shooting early; McNeil kinda feeling it.
  • “Bench brigade... brings the chairs out on a time out”. Huggins has a stool guy...
  • Culver kills PJ Fuller... BIG BLOCK
  • We’re outrebounding them like Scoot against 5th graders.
  • Field goal 58% at the half; 3pt is 36% and free throws 62%.
2nd Half
  • McCabe hit a three! And then has an assist!
  • Lead fading fast.  Another seemingly poor start to a 2nd half.
  • Huggins was mad at the first time stoppage.  He said to the guys “what the f%#$ are you doing out there”. Gweedoe can read lips!!!
  • Giving up 3s in the 2nd half.  A lot!
  • But Culver is a beast. Dunk on Rebounds.  Double double... and 1s.  He is doing it all; Tony: “...and the official speaks to Derrick Culver”. That convo has to be official: “...stop killing these dudes.”
  • We have been talking Big O being 1 and done... should we really be talking Culver and NBA draft??
  • I don’t want this game to end.
  • Maniacs are calling for Spencer Macke. 
  • Gabe with a HUGE dunk with 3mins to go... he wants points. 
  • Huggs puts Spencer Macke in and the crowd goes crazy.
  • McClure is a good analyst. 

WVU vs Kansas State

  • ESPNU prefers to continue to show a game that has been decided instead of go to the start of WVU vs Kansas State.  Ridiculous.
  • I like McCabe early and the passing to Culver and Oscar.
  • Matthews seems to be having a rough time right now, and Huggs immediately yanked Haley for his what seemed like his D.
  • Those Kansas State uniforms look horrific; The uniforms look like they were white and someone screwed up doing the laundry; Again, if you are going to be purple (why, I’m not sure because it’s God awful) then be purple.  This Mauve bs hurts the face to look at; Yeah, they said lavender earlier; Please let’s never be lavender; Own the purple; Don't go half way.
  • Xavier sneed has to be 35 years old by now...
  • Lotta pooshin.
  • Maween, huge travel, they call a foul...10 Fouls in first 9 mins; The refs are already calling fouls at an obnoxious pace, I’m hoping their bigs foul out as this goes along.  I feel like this ref is telling Huggs where to stand.
  • Sluggish on D.
  • You can tell Huggs is searching for a jump shooter, McNeil yanked for his D, he’s trying Sherman now.
  • All Gabe does it take charges.
  • How about we call a travel on Diarra once every 4 times.
  • You can tell they’re trying to make it a disaster and then hope it works (and it did!)
  • Sherman just hit the side of the backboard...if you need another telling sign of how this is going.
  • Group text meltdown: This is bad; This one’s almost over; This is very bad; We can’t score a enough to overcome a 15+ deficit; Look entirely unprepared to play today.
  • I went from hoping they wouldn’t be down 10 to hoping they wouldn’t be down 20 in about 1:00 of game time.
  • Kansas State is playing out of their mind and we’ve never seemingly shot before.
  • I feel like this is similar to Scoot's middle school game the other night that he coached; This is what I imagined it looked like.
  • Bruce Weber is so loud; If I had to listen to Weber scream every game I’d never go to their games, if I’m a K State fan.
  • Gabe is our best offense; That’s the offensive game summary.
  • Down 11 with 10 minutes, plenty of time (Scoot optimism trying to rally us).
  • Diarra initiates all the contact, but gets all the benefit from the refs.
  • State’s crowd is a joke; Sidenote: good for Knapper to shut this clown crowd up chanting ‘airball’.
  • It was 60-54...
  • We need to beat these guys by 30 in Motown; Feb 01.
  • Tuesday was the best we had played, and today was the worst.
Huggs KState Post Game
  • 2 or 3 Seniors played bad...
  • They were not ready.. He told them... But they still were not ready.
  • One players complained about being tired from yesterdays practice.
  • Huggins got cranky when Tony said "Lets get it turned around".... then said... "Why Do we have to do that" then kinda just walked off the interview.  Seemed Very frustrated. 
  • In the postgame, Huggs said he reminded them that this is where last year’s team fell apart (at Kansas State); He’s referencing the 20+ pt lead they had and lost last year. From there (looking at WVU it looks like they went 4-12 in conference to finish out.  Just interesting to me that he brought that up, and gives me the willies to think about his assessment. He really banged on “the two seniors” postgame.

Segment 2: Baseball

  • Pre-season Ranked 15th in the Nation.
  • Opening day in a month... Friday Feb 14 vs Jacksonville U in Jacksonville FL... Home opener is Feb 18th vs Canisius 2pm at Mon County Ballpark.
  • Do WVU players use Buzzers? MLB Mess.

Segment 3: OBJ at the College Football National Championship; Come home Frederick County, VA

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