Hoops wins over Texas / Mizzou, new men's Soccer coach, Kobe, and Coliseum naming.

Hoops wins over Texas / Mizzou, new men's Soccer coach, Kobe, and Coliseum naming.

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Big hoops wins over Texas and Mizzou, new men's Soccer coach, Kobe's tragic passing, and Coliseum naming rights.


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we discuss a two big wins over Texas and Mizzou for WVU Hoops, we check in on Men's Soccer and their new head coach, give some thoughts on Kobe Bryant's tragic passing, and discuss WVU giving Learfield IMG the ability to sell the Coliseum's naming rights.  Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: Basketball


First Half
  • Shaka smart is a good dresser.
  • Gabe O getting the And 1 ... making the free throw.. then kissing his hand.
  • 27 to 2 run in the first half. 
  • WVU has roughly 1 million offensive rebounds.
Second Half

WVU vs Mizzou

First Half
  • Scoot: I don’t like all the Smiths.  
  • I like us early. I like McCabe and Culver’s passing, Oscar’s finishing, Haley with a little luck on that beat the shot clock 3, good stuff right now.
  • BREAKING: Gabe took a charge.  He has to lead the country.
  • This stripe the arena stuff doesn’t work. Don’t tell me how to dress. This announcer acts like he is bro’s with Huggs . Keeps referring to him as Bobby. 
  • The defense is smothering right now.  Ol’ Mizzou doesn’t know what to do.  20-6.  Mizzou 2-18 shooting.
  • Bob Huggins is going to pass Roy Williams this year...
  • Wrong name for Culver, ESPN?
  • Mizzou 13-2 run. Right back in it. 
  • Scoot: I’m not worried right now about this game even though they went on a run, wvu is far superior of a team.
  • Sloppy end to this half. 24-23, we can’t peel the lid off this basket now.  1-8 from 3 and only 10-31 fg overall.  We should be killing them, but went ice cold.
Second Half
  • The Culver steal and slam was awesome, and a Deuce ‘dagger 3’.
  • Spencer Macke banked in a three...and then does the Sam Cassell “big balls”?

Segment 2: Men's Soccer

Segment 3: Coliseum Naming Rights

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