Mark Rucker interview, WVU Hoops up and down week, and Coliseum upgrades

Mark Rucker interview, WVU Hoops up and down week, and Coliseum upgrades

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WVU Hoops up and down week (Texas Tech loss and Kansas State win), WVU commit Mark Rucker interview, and Coliseum upgrades!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we discuss an up and down week for WVU Hoops as they lose a road game in Lubbock, TX to Texas Tech and return home for a win over Kansas State, Marck Rucker stops by to talk to Scoot about his decision to stay home and continue his football career, and we get excited about plans for the Coliseum to get some new seats. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: Basketball

WVU vs Texas Tech

And to think Tx Tech isn't even the team we at GYEO tend to hate the most. Oh, look it's...

WVU vs Kansas State

First Half
  • Emmit for THREEEEEEE.
  • I already want to punch Bruce Weber. I’m in section 231 and can hear him. I yell every time the crowd is quiet. “Get Weber off the court”. People are getting heated about him in here. When we officially have the GYEO Arena, we’ll enforce coaches boxes on visiting coaches.
  • Nice McCabe pass...and then...LINE CHANGE...
  • Big 12 refs are terrible...
  • Gweedoe's on the FanCam!
  • Lotta pooshin.
  • Two quick fouls on Gabe sucks.
  • This game could be first one to 50...
  • Bad basketball right now, I just hope we can get to the half still up 5 or 6. I think K State’s going to mess around with this match up zone D until we can get someone to make an outside shot.
  • Also, we need to talk about how dumb it is to have a mascot that’s a human’s body with a big, dumb, crazy looking cat head on. Like, that’s the best we can do with that, not even a whole cat suit, just a big cat’s head?
Second Half
  • Little spurt there, let’s go!
  • McNeil with a nice drive and dish.
  • Looks like they’re going to call a foul on Harler for undercutting and then a flagrant 1 on Snead for essentially a headlock. Kansas State may be the easiest team to hate in the whole conference and that’s a big statement.
  • Man, Snead beating everyone down for a dunk is a bad look.
  • Culver 3-9 from the line.
  • This is hard to watch. These refs are so bad.
  • 8 pt lead with 1:28. Let's close it out.

Segment 2: Mark Rucker Interview

Segment 3: Coliseum Upgrades

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