Troy Lilly interview, WVU Hoops up and down week, and some football talk

Troy Lilly interview, WVU Hoops up and down week, and some football talk

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Troy Lilly of Coalfields & Co interview, Iowa State win, Oklahoma loss, and football discussion!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we discuss an up and down week for WVU Hoops as they grab a win against Iowa State before losing on the road to Oklahoma, Troy Lilly stops by to talk to Gweedoe about Coalfields & Co and WV prep football, and talk some offseason football including Coach Pogue's departure, a successful recruiting football class, and TCU's Uniswag winning uniforms.  Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: Basketball

WVU vs Iowa State

  • Started really strong.  Offense started great.
  • Every game is dress down Friday for WVU coaches.  
  • Macke took the turnover to end the game. 
  • Iowa State got some more bad news with the announcement of Halliburton's injury

WVU vs Oklahoma

First Half
  • Gweedoe went dual screen to watch the XFL and WVU.
  • Immediately don't like the Reaves kid for OU.  There's one every game, he's the one for this game.
  • OU goes on a 15-2 run early and my optimism goes with it.  Johnson and Gweedoe texting Negativity in the first half.  It's bad on the text machines.
  • Think "at Kansas State" only put them in Oklahoma uniforms.  5:00 in we look like we'd rather be somewhere else.
  • Shooting is an issue... just can't hit a shot.
  • Oscar early foul trouble.
  • Culver playing weird... Seems off... frustrated.  Body language was bad, seemed to make it worse.
  • Gave up buzzer 3pt to be down 7 at the half!!
Second Half
  • Remember the game at Kansas = "lob city"?  This was a replay of that; struggling on defensive switches where OU's big men go roaming free for close buckets.  What was the deal with this?  Guard defense (as Huggs said last time) or over helping from our bigs?
  • What a mess... Oklahoma just looks like a better team...just get this over with.
  • This looks like last years team...Just lost our there on the court.
  • Oklahoma really draws a crowd... NOT!  Place half empty.
  • WVU takes 76 shots and only makes 24...WHAT?!  Sooners take 49 total shots!  27 more shots, but lose by 10 (?!).
  • Sooners out rebound WVU (37-35).
  • WVU missed 19 layups (!!!). 
Huggins Post Game Notes:
  • Huggins says that they are not the same guys.  They had a guys not make the bus.. which hasn't happened all year.  
  • Huggins sounds like he is starting to give up on these guys...Like last year...This sounded like a 2019 postgame interview. 
  • 22 misses within 2' of the basket.
  • He said that he saw this coming...after the Iowa State game.
  • Hour before practice only 2 guys on the court...and had to send managers into the locker room to get them out there...
Other Basketball notes:

Segment 2: Troy Lilly Interview

Segment 3: Al Pogue leaving, Football recruiting class ranking, TCU uniform

  • Troy said, "Hurr-i-cun". He's authentic.
  • Interesting to hear him talk about Dave Walker, Martinsburg kids following him to Concord; Eastern Panhandle talent and Shepherd benefitting from that.
  • Appreciate Troy's energy, obviously really knowledgable of the talent in the state, and it's great that he's part of working to get them exposure.
  • Thoughts on Al Pogue leaving.
  • Football recruiting class ranked 28th, best since 2007.
  • We Talk about Horned Frogs....and Ugly Uniforms...
  • XFL sideline Reports by Pat McAfee.

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