Rough week for WVU Hoops, Coach Carey's not having it, and WVU Baseball takes first series of the year

Rough week for WVU Hoops, Coach Carey's not having it, and WVU Baseball takes first series of the year

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Tough week for WVU Hoops (and WVU Twitter mass hysteria), Coach Carey isn't having any of your negativity, and WVU Baseball takes the series at Jacksonville!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we push through a tough week for WVU Hoops as they drop one at home against Kansasbefore losing on the road to Baylor (and we're all freaking out about it), Coach Mike Carey isn't happy with WVU fan reactionto his team's current play, WVU Baseball takes the series at Jacksonville, and the Houston Astros saga has completely gone of the rails lately. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: Basketball

Ken Pom still has us at #7.... and #2 adjusted for Defense after this weekend. So Stop freaking out!!! WVU....drops to #17 in the recent AP Poll... ESPN power ranking keeps them at 14... doesn't punish them for losses to Kansas and Baylor

WVU vs Kansas

First Half
Second Half

WVU vs Baylor

First Half
  • This pace...seems like a frantic pace.
  • Ok State beat Tx Tech...smh...that’s crazy; and they play well historically in the Coliseum.
  • This lineup...This is a recipe for disaster. And there’s said disaster. Logan Routt posterized.
  • We look lost. This is already a train wreck and we’re just getting started. It looks too much like fishing for an answer rather than executing a strategy, good lawd.
  • Culver’s screaming at guards to cut through; yelling for entry passes. He’s mad at everyone.
  • I’d rather have Mccabe’s ball handling and / or McBride’s potential scoring in instead of whatever this guard rotation is.
  • Huggs seems to have declared an anti-timeout stance. Didn't really stop the bleeding to end the Kansas game, and he’s apparently not going to call any timeouts to stem this Baylor barrage.
  • Did anyone else notice the (what looked like) arguing with Harrison a few minutes ago? I don’t understand what’s up with that in these games. Harrison does the subs (?).
  • Oscar got hosed and they took Haley’s basket away on a phantom foul. BS.
  • Whoever made the call to put Culver in for 15 seconds to pick up his 3rd foul is regretting their decision.
  • Honest question, do we score 40?
  • I don’t know if I like irrationally negative Gweedoe or sarcastically optimistic Gweedoe.
    Second Half
  • This turnover thing has reached epidemic level these last 3 game, yeesh. We have 17 turnovers (finshed with 22).
  • I think it’s really dumb that we have to have it (ESPN+) to watch the #1 and #14 teams play.
  • The real question is... will WVU finish with more points or more turnovers.
  • We have only scored 3 points in the 2nd half!?!
  • Oscar, 4-11, he’s had some in close just refuse to fall. Gabe, Oscar, and Culver with 14 turnovers among them (Also, 7 total team assists).
  • Sherman on heat check. Looks like he finished with 20. 5 3’s.

    Huggins Post Game Notes

  • Huggs on the team's attitude.

    Other Basketball

  • The vote is in for Mountaineer Rushmore.

Segment 2: Coach Carey vs WVU Fans Press Conference

Segment 3: WVU Baseball Weekend in Jacksonville

  • They take the series 2-1.
  • Braden Zarbnisky...great weekend; 6 for 13 at the plate with a stolen base...with a walk...has a .500 On Base %...with 2 saves this weekend.
  • Austin Davis also had a nice weekend too; 3 for 8 with 2 stolen bases.
  • Tevon Tucker has 3 stolen bases this weekend on 3 attempts.
  • Jackson Wolf has a great game to open the season with 8 strikeouts in 7 innings with 1 hit!

    Astros thing is off the rails in the last week

  • Cody Bellanger attacks Altuve....says Judge should have won MVP.
  • Carlos Correa calls Ken Rothesthal....and does a special interview....
  • Carlos says no Buzzers...bad Tattoo and Altuve's wife yelled at Correa about ripping jersey off earlier in the year.
  • Should players be suspended? Should the world series be taken away?
  • Correa was heated talking to Ken Rothenthal...about how they earned the Championship.

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