Football dominates Kansas after shaky start, Basketball officially in pre-Thanksgiving tourney, BTF, and CBME!

Football dominates Kansas after shaky start, Basketball officially in pre-Thanksgiving tourney, BTF, and CBME!

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WVU Football dominates Kansas after a shaky start for their third win, WVU Basketball officially in a pre-Thanksgiving tournament, BTF featuring former product slogans, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, WVU Football dominates Kansas after a shaky start as Leddie Brown and Darius Stills come up big in the win, WVU Basketball is now officially in the Bad Boy Mowers Crossover Classic pre-Thanksgiving tournament, BTF featuring former product slogans, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • Les Miles doesn’t travel to Morgantown
    • He was cleared to come to Morgantown, but didn't think that he should?
    • Was tweeting during the game.
  • No chrome face masks for KU.
  • Fans in the stands looks great. Wish it was full but good to see the people there.
  • WVU with the blue helmet, blue jersey, gold pants makes Johnson happy!!!
  • KU defensive cord DJ Elliot used to coach at Kentucky and has Connections with Neal Brown and Gerad Parker.

Segment 1: WVU Beats Kansas 38-17

First Half

  • Oh No! First series is already an offensive mess.
    • Having issues with 4 man front... prepared for a 3 man front.
  • We get the ball to start the game and...turn it over. Big12 refs take their time to confirm the fumble. TJ Simmons with a big drop on the first play and then a catch (on an almost intercepted throw) and fumble to give Kansas the ball.
  • D holds them to 3pts and Kansas takes an early lead over WVU. Kansas, 3-0.
  • 2nd offensive possession. Second verse, same as the first. Offensive line getting completely outplayed on that series. After a horrific special teams showing on the Kansas kickoff, Gweedoe will once again have to talk special teams this week.
  • Two plays. Touchdown Kansas on a throw that should’ve been intercepted by Nicktroy Fortune. Kansas, 10-0.
  • Offense continue to struggle... and West Virginia punts. Sam James with a big 3rd down drop. WVU not able to run the ball at all is a bad, bad, bad development here so far.
  • Special teams looks special. Penalties on returns are back. Block in the back... Personal fouls. A mess.
  • Receivers cannot hold onto the ball in the first.
  • Offense comes alive. After pass interference on KU. Doege throws a great pass to Ford-Wheaton for a TD. Actually not sure what to say as out of nowhere Ford-Wheaton runs a terrific route and Doege makes the best pass we’ve seen in a long, long time for a touchdown strike. KU 10, WVU 7.
  • First three drives looked terrible and 4th drive looked great. So maybe we can build on this.
  • Zo for the pick! WVU takes over on KU side of the field
  • BFW almost scores again. Should’ve hauled in another big catch, but dropped / knocked away. The O-line folds hard, looks bad. Zach Frazier struggling right now with the KU front. WVU not even attempting to run the ball now, 3 passes and a (good) punt.
  • Tyler Sumpter with awesome punt. Put KU at the 1 yard line. Then does a nice For The Brand “Chip Swing”.
  • Gus Johnson feels sorry for KU's Williams, "a good RB at a bad school."
  • Fields with a horse collar penalty...
  • First quarter mercifully comes to an end.
  • Ha ha, BOW UP, LEDDIE. I don’t know who #1 is for KU, but my man needs a substitution. Woo! Let’s crank up this run game.
  • Zach Frazier misses a block again and Sinkield gets knocked down on trick play try (which is a mystery offensive play call right now).
  • BFW makes an awesome catch and called out of bounds. Staley comes on and misses a fg attempt. Special teams countinuing to struggle in all facets!
  • Good to see Leddie going (a holding penalty effectively torpedoed another good run and this drive overall), but offense still looking shaky in general.
  • KU #18 Feaster senior leader is ejected for targeting. One of their better defenders.
  • We just need to break something big! Leddie continues to crank it up! So obviously we dial up a duck that thankfully goes OOB and draws a flag. No idea why you call this play. Followed up by a pass to the flat that makes absolutely no sense. Oh look, now 2 runs, Leddie cranking inside the 20.
  • FLOATS MCGOATS from Doege on the long ball.
  • Penalties are bad!!
  • Leddie is really putting the offense on his back!! Great catch and run in the flat.
  • Kansas makes an interesting choice not to cover the most obvious threat, Leddie wide open, touchdown catch! Leddie continues to put the offense on his back right now. WVU 14 - Kansas 10.
  • Casey Legg takes over on Kickoffs today FYI. Staley has been the kickoff man the last 3 games.
  • Holy Darius Stills!!! That play will be a highlight during all of the NFL drafts coverage. Huge interception! Wow!!! First career Interception.
  • Doege is a mess. He is having trouble reading defense coverage maybe(?). KU coverage is terrible and he is still taking too long to make a decision in the pocket.
  • Coach Brown was heated and yelling at the refs!
  • Doege throws to brown in a wheel route and doesn’t see the defender who kills Brown. Doege not protecting his receivers. Gets lucky with next pass to Ryan for the first. Just another dangerous pass (ends up working out big kind of by mistake).
  • If there is such thing as a good hold... that was a good hold by Leddie Brown to stop Doege from getting sacked.
  • Sam James with another drop on a wonderful Doege fade pass. Sure TD. Instead, Staley converts a fg, WVU 17 - 10.
  • I’ve completely soured on this entire receiving corps. Doege doesn’t throw a great ball, but even when it’s a great pass these guys cannot be counted on to haul it in.
  • Thank God we have a very good defense...

Second Half

  • Omg. Doege interception on a designed screen. Gift to KU on what was a promising drive (and Wright showing some life as a WVU WR).
  • WVU D holds again. Kansas hasn’t done much since the first qtr. Also, we’re going to block one of these punts. Getting super close every time.
  • So many dumb penalties...this one by a WR (pulling a dude off of the pile). Wide receivers continue a poor game.
  • Chandler-Semedo has really played well today. Big hit to force a punt. Sack and big hit! D still playing great.
  • I totally thought Deoge was going to get sacked in the end zone...
  • Leddie ran just short of a MILE!! BOOM. 87 yard touchdown run! WVU 24 -10.
  • “Prince Akeem” Mesidor with back to back sacks as WVU D continues to assert their dominance.
  • Looks like we finally decided to start playing offense (or KU defense is just tired!).
  • Another promising drive. Wright continues to be a lone bright spot in this receiving corps.
  • Sam James “hangs onto one” (Gus Johnson), touchdown, WVU 31 - 10. WVU finally starts to pull away.
  • Reese Smith looked like Julien Edleman on that play. Nice playing from Smith. Makes you wonder if you see more of him moving forward.
  • Nice, long drive. Sinkfield scores and WVU covers. Gamblers everywhere cheer!! WVU 38 - 10.
  • Haha. Special teams right on time! KU runs back a kick off! 91 yds by Williams...cover is busted and gamblers everywhere cry!! WVU 38 - 17.
  • Final. Cue Country Roads!

WVU plays Texas Tech next this weekend on Saturday...they are 3 pt favorites for the 5:30 kickoff on ESPN2.

Other Football

  • All 127 FBS teams are bowl eligible
  • Nick Saban has Covid...but then he doesn’t...and gets to coach on the sideline.


  • WVU is officially playing in the Bad Boy Mowers Crossover Classic starting Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
    • First game is vs Buzz Williams and Texas A&M at 1:00 pm on Wednesday. Remember the dancing in front of student section when he was at Marquette...
    • Games will Air on the ESPN networks.

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Featuring former slogans for popular products!

Segment 3: Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!

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