Tough loss to Texas, TCU up next, Crossover Classic losing teams, BTF, and CBME!

Tough loss to Texas, TCU up next, Crossover Classic losing teams, BTF, and CBME!

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WVU has a tough loss against Texas, we turn our focus towards TCU, Crossover Classic keeps losing teams!, we crunch some BTFs with potato chip trivia, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, WVU Football has a tough loss to Texas with some officiating issues, we hope for a bounce back against TCU this weekend in Morgantown, teams keep dropping out of the Bad Boy Mowers Crossover Classic and we try to figure out why, BTF this week we see if the guys know anything about potato chips, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • WVU goes into Austin 4 and 1 all time...
  • Feels like the refs won this game for Texas. TD pass reversal, backwards pass / fumble reversal, and no call in 4th for pass interference.
  • They call the presidential race 10 mins before the game and we have to watch our nationally televised game on ESPNnews!
  • Held the [Big12 Conference's best offense to only 17 points, but 1 TD doesn’t do it!!!

Segment 1: WVU loses to Texas, 17 - 13

First Half

  • First play of the game... true freshman Robinson big run 54 yards. And they’re in the red zone. Here we go!
  • Fast drive, Texas scores on a passing TD. Texas, 7 - 0, 12:35 left in 1st.
  • “I got a bad feeling this is going to be a long day”...
  • Doege lucky didn’t get picked off by Alfred Collins, threw the ball right at him.
  • Deep play to Winston Wright! BIG Play!!! Nice 39 yard reception!
  • Leddie for a 12 yd rushing TD up the middle. Huge opening! Great response to Texas first drive. Tied, 7-7.
  • Robinson is running all over the defense and a face mask call puts Texas in WVU territory. BUT... WVU defense holds them, Texas punts, pins WVU deep.
  • 3 and out, and we're punting deep on our own side... Sumptner back punting.
  • Texas goes tempo on 4th and 1 and WVU makes the stop. Tony Fields getting it done.
  • Sinkfield comes in and makes NOTHING happen!!!
  • Esdale?
  • Targeting call on Mahone, reversed after review. Mahone played great defensively again today.
  • Back to back pass interference calls. 2nd call declined cause they caught the pass. Texas picking apart defense on this series.
  • End of 1st qtr. Still tied 7-7.
  • Texas rushed for 107yds in the first qtr.
  • 2nd qtr starts with a Texas FG. Texas, 10 - 7.
  • Where is Leddie? WVU goes 3 and out to start the 2nd. Sumptner punts again.
  • What in the Muffed Punt is going on?? Why is Sinkfield back there??
  • Tonkery with a sack!
  • Texas punter is destroying us! Pinned again.
  • Doege sacked. O-line got pushed back.
  • What a catch by Esdale!!!! Big play on 3 and 15. Had a huge day.
  • Roughing the passer gets WVU a first on 3rd down!
  • Doege throws 2 forward passes on 1 play... can’t do that. But it looked cool. Gives up the ball to Texas midfield.
  • Tonkery got some hussle today!! Chasing QB all over.
  • After a lot of odd choices to not stop the clock, but then using their last timeout to ice the Texas kicker, Dicker the Kicker misses. Onto the 2nd half. Texas leads 10-7.

Second Half

  • Doege actually kept a zone read! Craziness ensues.
  • Casey Legg makes a FG. Tied 10-10.
  • What a mess of a kick off. Out of bounds at the 35. What the what...
  • Addae with a great breakup in the end zone.
  • WVU gives up a killer 34yd TD pass after playing a long stretch of great defense. Elinger to Smith. Mahone got beat. Texas leads 17-10.
  • Leddie struggles today. Not 100%. Frustrations on sideline, and I think the worries about the Texas defensive line came to fruition.
  • Winston Wright. Awesome TD catch to tie the game!?!?!? NOPE! Bobbles one that Doege put right in his hands, too bad. Awesome try but now 3rd and goal! And Doege gets smoked for a sack!!! Wow!! Zach Fraser misses the blitz. O-line continues to have challenges.
  • Texas fumbles on triple option...or backwards pass WVU gets ball back on turnover. First of the game. Under review. WVU gets screwed and Texas keeps ball (game changing moment).
  • Doege to TJ Simmons with a great pass and catch + yards for roughing the passer.
  • WVU goes for it on 4 and 1. Bootleg to O’Laughlin, and Doege is just too long to make the throw and they can’t convert. Turnover on downs.
  • Leddie seeing the field very little, but looks fine when he's on the field. Commentators continue to say he's battling a thigh / groin issue.
  • Esdale is all over the field.
  • Doege keeps putting Leddie in bad places to get his head taken off in short passing situations.
  • 4th and 1. Doege throws to the end zone and no call on pass interference as the Texas defender rides the receiver's back into the end zone. Refs screw WVU again!! How is that not a F*$@#%G pass interference call?!?!? Coach Brown was frustrated when asked about it.

Trapezoid of Evil

  • Maryland beats Penn State in Happy Valley, 35-19...and then throws some shade for good measure.
  • VT blocks a fg attempt to beat Liberty...but their coach had called timeout, so they reset, and Liberty kicks a successful fg and wins, 38-35.
  • Pitt beat someone, but nobody cares to talk about that...move on.

Preview vs TCU

  • WVU hosts TCU this weekend on Saturday at Noon... Game is on Fox.
  • TCU walloped Texas Tech 34 to 18.
  • Max Duggan their QB is also their leading rusher.
  • But a lot of people rush the ball with TCU.... They had 8 different players with Rushing attempt last week.
  • They are the #2 Rushing team in the Big 12 averaging 196 yd a game.
  • Derius Davis is a Return threat.
  • TCU is averaging 28 pts a game.


Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Featuring snack food trivia.

Segment 3: Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!

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