WVU dominates TCU, we prep for OU after the bye, basketball signings, BTF's in a pickle, and CBME!

WVU dominates TCU, we prep for OU after the bye, basketball signings, BTF's in a pickle, and CBME!

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WVU dominates TCU for their 5th win, we prep for Oklahoma after a bye week, basketball adds key signings and Fraschilla adds some positive comments, BTF's in a pickle, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, WVU Football holds TCU's offense to (tied for) their lowest output during the Gary Patterson era in a dominant win, we now prep for Oklahoma after an open date, basketball adds two guard signings while Fran Fraschilla offers up some positive comments on the upcoming season, BTF finds itself in a pickle, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • I hope that this week shuts up the twitter people that don’t “trust the climb”. QB play was great. Play calling was great! Looks like Big10 football. Clock clock clock.
  • I feel like I am watching a Big10 game from 1985... no scores, just rough, manly football!
  • Defense doesn't allow a TD...
    • Tony Fields
    • Tykee Smith.
    • Xree Lowe in for Josh Chandler...plays great.
  • Leddie Brown 3rd in the NCAA for Rushing Yards.
  • Jarret Doege is 7th in passing Yards.
  • WVU #5 Defense in Nation.
  • Offense leads the Big 12 in plays 30+ yards from scrimmage.
  • Still undefeated at home.

Segment 1: WVU dominates TCU, 24 - 6

First Half

  • Offense opens with an impressive 99 yd drive, Doege 6 straight passes at one point, QB sneak scores. WVU, 7-0.
  • Roughing the punter extends a TCU drive (not much contact, but the punter sold it). TCU takes advantage, field goal. WVU, 7-3.
  • Big run by Leddie, terrible penalty on an O lineman (Fraiser) taking up for Sinkfield getting roughed up, a big PI on TCU, and then a double move Doege pump short go long to Simmons for the td (Simmons had to wait on it to get there), WVU, 14-3.
  • Scary hit on Washington for TCU. Lucky he walked off.
  • Trade punts. Doege dodges a bullet as he hit a TCU defender right in the hands. Kick catch interference on WVU punt will frustrate Gweedoe.
  • A lot of pushing and shoving by TCU (and not much else) to end the half.
  • No wind and Legg can’t kick it past the 20 yd line.
  • Winning despite penalties. We can’t make a smart play when we need too... stupid stupid penalties today.
  • Caesar all over Ryan...ref has to pull him off and they don’t throw a flag! Big12 refs suck!!!
  • Dante a little chippy at the end of the 1/2. Lots of unsportsmanlike penalties today!

Second Half

  • Big boy running by Leddie, a huge 3rd down conversion to Laughlin. WVU into the red zone where they promptly false start, run Sinkfield for no gain, and then take a sack. Legg converts a long fg, WVU, 17-3.
  • TCU puts together an impressive drive, stalls inside the 10, WVU dodges a bullet as the leave a WR uncovered, but the QB completely overthrows him. Field goal. WVU, 17-6.
  • Winston Wright with a really nice return, but WVU offense sluggish. Sumptner punt with a great roll to the TCU 1.
  • Stills Bros TFL was awesome.
  • PI gives TCU space, big 3rd down conversion keeps it alive. WVU D holds up, forces a punt. End of the 3rd qtr.
  • Doege intentional grounding...ugh. WVU offense slowly grinding to a halt. TCU uses an inexplicable timeout while more pushing and shoving ensues.
  • WVU just trying to chew clock.
  • Play calling to win the game. Not run up the score like is common in Big12. Neil Brown, W and get out.
  • Muffed punt by TCU, WVU’s Mahone recovers. Back in business.
  • TJ Simmons with a big boy catch and td run. WVU, 24-6. TJ looks like aBoss pushing his way into the end zone on that catch!!!
  • Game over, WVU looks great.
  • Prince Akeem with a big sack. TCU punts. This game is now just a matter of time.
  • WVU drives into scoring position, rushes Legg on, fg miss. TCU ball.
  • TCU scored 33 points last week!
  • Tykee Smith with an awesome int and return to mid-field!!!
  • Fields with 14 tackles again today! Wow! He is everywhere. He will play on Sundays.
  • Dominant win for WVU.

Neal Brown Post-game Press Converence

  • Happy with the game... it was West Virginia Football.
  • Happy that the offense set the tone early!
  • Happy with special teams play...
  • Happy with the way we play at home... and think we are one of the most improved teams in the country.
  • Not there yet.... but is happy with the improvement... patience.
    • We have had a chance to win every game with 4 mins to go of the 3 we have lost.
    • That was not the case last year.
    • Guys are buying into the culture... No exactly there, but getting better.

Preview vs Oklahoma

  • 13 Days before we hit the field again... on the Saturday after Thanksgiving...Details still TBD.


  • Huggins Announces Kobe Johnson - 6'4" Guard from Canton Ohio signs.
    • 3 Star recruit.
    • Nice outside shooter, but also has the ability to drive and has speed.
  • Seth Wilson also signs, 6’3” 3 star guard out of Lorain, Ohio.
  • Fran Frascilla lots of good comments on Team, Jalen Bridges and McNeil and Taz specifically.
  • Isaac McNeely top in state player places WVU in top 8 choices.
  • Is the Bad Boys Mower Classic going to happen?
    • Utah State Added.
    • South Dakota's numbers continue to get bad...

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Featuring pickle trivia!

Segment 3: Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!

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