WVU Basketball wins over TCU and Kansas State, Baylor up next, BTF on Beavis and Butthead knowledge, and a new CBME!

WVU Basketball wins over TCU and Kansas State, Baylor up next, BTF on Beavis and Butthead knowledge, and a new CBME!

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WVU Basketball takes care of business in wins over TCU and Kansas State, Baylor finally up next, Bluff the Fluffs challenges us on our Beavis and Butthead knowledge, and a new Can't Believe My 'Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we recap WVU Basketball's victories over TCU and Kansas State (with Baylor finally up next!), Bluff the Fluffs is feeling very 90's as it features trivia on Beavis and Butthead, and Scoot brings us a new Can't Believe My 'Eers. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

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  • "Pullover guy" Shirt... Update.
  • WVU schedule changes and craziness... Home for the week!

Segment 1: Basketball

WVU vs TCU, Win, 74-66

  • Huggins on JB “ The state of West Virginia needs to be very, very proud of one of its own. Not only has he become a very good Big 12 player, he is a class of a person."
  • Huggs: "It was a very, very physical game. I think that was their plan to make it physical. We just didn't do a very good job of running offense and we did a poor job of guarding the ball."
  • Win number 897 for Huggs.

WVU vs Kstate, Win, 65-43

  • Kansas State stinks...
  • First half offenses for both teams not good. On pace to rival a middle school girls game score.
  • McGuirl is all KState had early, and Davion Bradford scored in the paint fairly well for KState, but other than that they had zero pulse.
  • Culver had some fairly early fouls and was somewhat of a non factor in the first half.
  • Taz also a non factor.
  • 2 things that stood out from this game were Gabe’s hustle and McCabe played well. He threaded a sick pass to Gabe who then passed to Matthews for a nice dunk.
  • Huggs on why Deuce didn't start: "Just wanted to give him a little bit of a rest, he's played a lot of minutes, and we've got a big week coming up here."
  • Huggs on Jalen Bridges: "His activity was terrific. Absolutely terrific. He got his hands on as many balls as the rest of the team combined. Blocked some shots for us...JB's just getting better and better."
  • Huggs on Jay Moore scoring: "They're dancing in the streets of Beckley."
  • Huggs: "We put Smacke in, our illustrious walk-on who is a fan favorite, and we couldn't get him a shot."
  • Huggs: "I thought our rotations were better. If [K-State] shot 29%, think what it would have been if we hadn't given up all those point blank chances around the rim."
  • Bruce Weber was the quietest he’s ever been. Is it a sign he’s a short timer? He’s depressed and refusing to cut his hair.
  • Huggs collected win number 898.


  • Tuesday agaist Baylor at 5pm! On ESPN.
  • Thursday 7p vs TCU on ESPN PLUS.
  • Saturday vs Ok State at 2pm on ESPN network.
  • Big12 Starts Wednesday the 10th.

Other WVU Basketball:

  • After a touch loss to Iowa State in Ames on Wednesday 68-85...
  • WVU womens beats Kansas 72-68 this weekend at the Phog...they are 18-4 and play this week against Kstate 3/3 and Baylor 3/8 to wrap up their regular season. Both of those games on on ESPN plus.

WVU Baseball:

  • Friday beat Kennesaw State 13-3.
  • Loss to Coastal Carolina 5-10 on ESPN+.
  • Sunday against Bryant...
  • Matt McCormick is still hitting HRs... He had his 3rd over the weekend... That is 3 in 7 games.
  • They Open at Home on Friday 3pm vs Kent state... Also on ESPN+.

WVU Football:

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Challenges us on Beavis and Butthead!

Segment 3: Can't Believe My 'Eers

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