Solheim joins to discuss Basketball's disappointment sandwiched around the TCU win, Big 12 tourney talk, and BTF!

Solheim joins to discuss Basketball's disappointment sandwiched around the TCU win, Big 12 tourney talk, and BTF!

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WVU Basketball serves up a disappointment sandwich in beating TCU between losses to Baylor and Oklahoma State, Big 12 tourney talk, and Bluff the Fluffs challenges our Big 12 Tournament knowledge!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, Brent Solheim joins us to discuss a disappointment sandwich as WVU Basketball is victorious over TCU in between two gut punch losses to Baylor and Oklahoma State. we look ahead to the Big 12 Tournament where WVU is now a 4 seed, and Bluff the Fluffs challenges our Big 12 Tournament knowledge. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

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  • What has changed with this team in the last week? 2 losses and 1 win!

Segment 1: Basketball

WVU vs Baylor, Loss, 89-94

  • Baylor wins their first Conference Championship in 71 years...and wins the Big12 Regular Season Title.
  • First Half starts bad...WVU down 12 at one point.
  • Brings it close to end the first half.
  • Used time out in first minute of 2nd half... because Deuce couldn't inbound.
  • Shot Robot gets hot in the 2nd half.
  • Baylor ties up the game with 2 sec left to go.
  • We go to overtime...81 to 81.
  • No call charge on Baylor!!! Frustrating!
  • Culver hitting free Throws today 9-10...has no Field Goals...
  • Bridges makes a bad transition Taz and turn it back over.
  • Vital was recruited in 2013...7 years ago!
  • JB makes a BIG 3 in OT.
  • Taz draws a great foul on Butler! great job TAZ with the ball fake!
  • Oh, but it falls apart in the last minute of OT. Deuce gets a Charge called late...and that is it.
  • Well, Gweedoe thinks if there was going to be a loss down the home stretch, this is the one you wanted to give up. #3 Team in the Nation...Good Team...This was a "good" loss.
  • Huggins complains in the post game about Foul Shots... But WVU only missed 4.
  • WVU Record is better on the road than at home... at this point.
  • Baylor shot over 50%... They were making 3's... Baylor looked good... and yet WVU stayed with them!
  • It would have been Better to have played Baylor last Thursday on the road... cause they would have been coming off Covid... and we have a better record on the Road this season.
  • The Crowd was great in the Coliseum... 5pm... They were loud!
  • How did we feel about 5pm game? I really like 730p games! 5pm too early! Trying to Feed the Family! Lots of Pausing and then fast forwarding!

WVU vs TCU, Win, 76-67

  • Huggs is wearing a gold WV Chain... got some ICE!
  • McCabe out tonight... with Lower Back injury.
  • Halftime...WVU 32-TCU18.
  • Like an elementary school vs a high school...
  • JB almost has a double double.
  • TCU shooting only 18%.
  • Gabe has 5 fouls in 12 minutes in this game... Huggs thinks he is maybe getting a little too aggressive!
  • JB gets double double.
    • JB has 22points with 12 rebounds... Player of the game.
    • Jalen gets the ESPN interview after the game...
    • Nice Shout out to Fairmont... He has high hopes.
  • 2nd half looked sluggish!!
  • Huggs Postgame:
    • Huggs after the game... "we didn't come to play... that is obvious"
    • Huggs: "We don't make a layup if there's contact. Thanks goodness we shoot free throws. We don't score if there's contact."
    • Huggs on Jalen Bridges: “He’s really worked at it. He’s a guy who gets in the gym and works on what you ask him to work on.”
    • Huggs says the team dribbles way too much, and tells a story about how he told Cam Payne he couldn't dribble it out of a marble circle.
    • "They can dribble it around their back, between their legs, but they can't dribble out of the marble circle."
  • Worst Shooting % in a game this season! 34% from the field.. 21-61 (TCU finished shooting at 39%)

WVU vs #17 Oklahoma State, Loss, 80-85

  • Huggs goes for 900.
  • Fran wants Huggs to have a statue.
  • No Cade Cunningham... and still....
  • Johnson Comments "They Look lethargic".
  • You would think they would play hard for Huggs 900th!!!
  • Wow... the team looks like it lost it's fight! SAD.
  • "Massive Dud" Tony Caridi.
  • 50 points in the paint for Ok State.
  • Could have been the #2 seed with the win.
  • Huggs Postgame with Tony:
    • "No Bounce Today"
    • Huggs: "We just didn't have it today. Whatever 'it' is, we didn't have it."
    • "Didn't have it today" "Lack of enthusiasm"
    • Huggs: "They got anything they wanted, put truth be told this is not a very good defensive team. Truth be told, we're a poor defensive team."
    • Huggs "They need to officiate Derek like they officiate everyone else"
    • Huggs: "I can't imagine guys this young, when you have two days off, that you don't get your legs back."
    • Huggs: "We're not very big, we're not very strong, we're not very athletic. We make shots, and today we didn't make any."
    • Huggs: "Inconsistency has killed us. It's killed us."
    • Huggs: "Hard to be excited about anything right now."
  • What does this do for us for the NCAA Tourney?
  • Bridges gets no points after a career game vs TCU... only shot 3 shots.
  • WVU Finishes Regular Season 18-8 with 11-6 in the conference.
    • 8-5 Home.
    • 7-2 Away.
    • 3-1 Neutral.
  • Taz Says it was his last game in Morgantown via Twitter? So I guess he is not coming back?
  • Derek Culver reaches 1,000 points.

WVU Football:

Segment 2: Preview the Big 12 Tourney

  • WVU will likely face Ok State again on Thursday 1130am.
  • WVU likely a #4 seed (TCU would have to beat Texas for us to be a 3rd Seed?).

Segment 3: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Big 12 Tournament Trivia!

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