MAULED IN MANHATTAN. KSU hands Football 2nd straight loss, Basketball's 100th Backyard Brawl win, and BTF!

MAULED IN MANHATTAN. KSU hands Football 2nd straight loss, Basketball's 100th Backyard Brawl win, and BTF!

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MAULED IN MANHATTAN. The KSU Wildcats hand WVU Football their second straight loss, WVU Basketball gets win 100 of the Backyard Brawl series, and BTF is quizzing us on Big East basketball!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, WVU Football gets mauled by the Kansas State Wildcats in the Little Apple to put their bowl eligibility in jeopardy, WVU Basketball moves to 2-0 by getting their 100th win in the Backyard Brawl series, and Bluff the Fluffs quizzes us on our knowledge of Big East basketball! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • Another disappointing football loss
  • 100th Backyard Brawl basketball series victory

Segment 1: WVU vs LOSS, 34-17

First Half

  • My boy already with a pic
    • Pick was not 100% on him
    • Probably Garrett Greene’s fault
  • Ooof. Targeting.
    • This was arguably the worst targeting I've seen in a while.
  • Mmmkay. Welp. So much for this.
  • Good news is that WVU may have to pay us to go to the game next week.
  • Sean Ryan being a gamer right now tho
  • Run game is pointless
  • Lol, holds it for 10 minutes and then takes a sack
  • Second game in a town that after 1 quarter you know the game’s over. Can’t operate at all on offense.

2nd Half

Post Game:
  • HCNB post game
    • “KState did nothing to lose today. They made no mistakes”. “Look at us we our gained them, but had 3 turnovers “.
    • “We only had 2 penalties. But one took away an interception “
    • “We had unforced errors all over the place. Because we use pour technique”
    • “Guys played hard it is not effort issues, it is us not doing things we need to do to win games”
    • “We didn’t pay smart enough to win”
    • “No excision of fundamentals in pressure situations “
    • “We are at a point now where we are thin on the roster, but that is not an excuse”
    • “We were 24-17 and blew coverage on a 4th and 8”
    • “Garret Greene upper body injury and did not travel and it doubtful for next week” (sounds like transfer portal talk to be)
    • “Esdale out with multiple injuries “
    • Lots of injuries
    • “Prather is going to be a player”
    • “Upset at us not making routine plays”
    • “I don’t feel sorry for us. We got to get our ass ready for Texas. Nobody cares how many guys are hurt. Bottom line is as coaches and players we gotta get the job done”
  • No I’m sorry again from HCNB
  • “Upper body injury. Didn’t travel.” GARRETT GONE
  • (25% of players in the last 3 classes have transferred out)
  • Good luck to the ticket office getting fans engaged for the 2022 home schedule...
  • It's hard to think of something funnier than Brown bringing Doege back for 2022...
  • Only got 10 votes on the 'ol final record poll.

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Player Over / Under Predictions
Player Challenge Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Leddie Brown 1,500 yards Over Over Under Over
Jarrett Doege 3,200 yards Over Under Under Under
Garrett Green 10 attempts Under Over Over Over
Team Win / Loss Predictions
Game Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Maryland Win Loss Loss Loss Loss, 30-24
LIU Win Win Win Win Win, 66-0
Va Tech Win Win Win Win Win, 27-21
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss, 16-13
Tx Tech Win Win Loss Win Loss, 23-20
Baylor Win Win Loss Win Loss, 45-20
TCU Loss Loss Win Loss Win, 29-17
IA State Loss Loss Loss Loss Win, 38-31
OK State Loss Win Loss Loss Loss, 24-3
KS State Win Win Win Win Loss, 34-17
Texas Win Loss Loss Loss
Kansas Win Win Win Win
Total 8 - 4 7 - 5 5 - 7 6 - 6 4 - 6


NEXT UP: Texas at Home

Segment 2: Basketball

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Prediction Gweedoe Scoot Johnson
Leads the team in scoring? Taz Taz Taz
1st into the Jordan McCabe (TM) Doghouse? Curry Kedrian Kedrian
Total wins? 19 21 19
Highest AP poll ranking? 20 15 Also rec votes
Seed in the 2022 NCAA Tourney? 9 7 8
Huggins elected into the Basketball HOF? No No No

NEXT UP: Elon on Thursday

  • Then it's tournament basketball starting Friday
  • ESPN 2 9p

Segment 3: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Quizzing us on Big East basketball trivia!

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