Got Your Eers On?

A true Mountaineer Fan podcast


BACKYARD BRAWL IS THE PITTS! We're searching for the good (before discussing the bad) in a Backyard Brawl that ends in heartbreaking defeat for WVU before looking ahead to Kansas!


SEASON PREVIEW EPISODE! The Backyard Brawl is upon us as we discuss WVU’s chances this coming Thursday against the Panthers, we go game by game to give our season outlook, and a new BTF!


We're back to recap JT Daniels coming to WVU, Huggs gets the call to the Hall, Basketball transfers start to bring the 2022 season into view, Messidor hits the portal, and WVU Baseball stays hot!


A BASKETBALL SPLIT AND FOOTBALL NEWS! Basketball beats the Cowboys and loses at Phog Allen, Football makes a big splash with Graham Harrell, and a man who has cornered the market on doing nothing!