RED RAIDERS WEEK! Moving on from Norman, looking ahead to Tx Tech, mascot trivia in BTF, and a new CBME!

RED RAIDERS WEEK! Moving on from Norman, looking ahead to Tx Tech, mascot trivia in BTF, and a new CBME!

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RED RAIDERS WEEK! We try to move on from the last second loss in Norman, look ahead to a payback game with Texas Tech, answer mascot trivia in Bluff the Fluffs, and a new Can't Believe My 'Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, IT'S RED RAIDERS WEEK! We lick our wounds and try to move forward from a heartbreaking last second loss in Norman to the Sooners, get ready for a payback game with Texas Tech on The Deuce, answer our way through unique mascot trivia in Bluff the Fluffs, and Scoot brings us a new Can't Believe My 'Eers where we're drinking a very special Sam Adams beer. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • WVU loses in the final seconds to Oklahoma, 16-13

Segment 1: WVU vs Oklahoma, LOSS, 16-13

1st Half

  • We are introduced to Jarret Doege having to miss his brother's big game in middle school because he had a band engagement. This Doege Family story never gets old.
  • ESPN explains that Doege is 10-6 (now 10-7) as a starter at WVU.
  • Leddie looks hurt early (they work on his shoulder / arm).
  • The quick slant passes seem to be there early as much as WVU wants them.
  • Garrett Greene in early (AND WE LIKE IT).
  • Aggressive (scripted?) play calling early.
  • Greene into the end zone on a zone read for a 7-0 lead!
    • 9:00 WVU opening drive.
  • OU moves down the field in just a few plays to tie it at 7.
  • Scoot wants to know: Why is there a horse mascot dressed like a cow?
  • Doege throws a horrible interception (tell me if you've heard this one before).
  • I’m getting to the point where I’d rather slant / short pass / RPO this D to death with Greene rather than continue to watch Doege make these type of plays, similar to this tweet.
  • Defense is getting them off the field only for the offense to then come out and eff around.
  • Jackie Matthews having another good game. This interception was amazing!
  • Is the co-offensive play calling the issue...?
  • Doege still seemingly panicking at the sniff of pressure. Herbie just pointed out 2 wide open receivers to outlet to on the broadcast.
  • Alston got held and still sacked Rattler.

2nd Half

  • Leddie’s fired up after a handoff from Greene. He actually has some room to operate when Greene is running the RPO.
    • Herbie is saying it. Greene opens up the run for Leddie
    • Greene makes the whole thing so much more dynamic
  • False start deep in OU territory essentially kills the drive (had it not happened, Greene likely stays on the field). Doege enters and overthrows an open receiver in the end zone.
    • On the false start, OU defense was so screwed up. Leddie’s in the end zone with the ball and they’re tackling Greene. It just works better. It’s effective.
  • Sooner fans are going nuts again, calling for Caleb!
  • One goes through Wright’s arms...
  • No one responded to 'reasons to keep Doege as QB1'.
  • How do you watch the OU defense be all screwed up when Greene’s in the game and then call for Doege to run back out there? Makes no sense...
  • Geezus. Like, 7 hours of commercials...
  • Frazier got the yips...hate that Zach TV tonight was about 2 back to back mistakes.
  • I did not expect a win and I was worried about a blowout….and with 1 min left we are stilled tied.
    • I get it, but then you get into and have this opportunity…have to take it.
    • I am just saying it wasn’t as bad as I expected.
  • Mistakes killed us. Mistakes not by Doege or Greene. The offsides at the 1yd kills us. Zach having the yips back to back.
  • They let OU off the hook staying with Doege, but this defense is playing great.
  • WVU Offense HAS TO FIX THIS second half scoring issue.
  • Coach Huggs weighs in on having our guys back and not being toxic towards them.
  • BFW had a nice game.


  • HCNB “we played great defensively”.
  • HCNB “3 or 4 opportunities where we could have won the game and we didn’t”
  • HCNB on Jarrett and Garrett “they had a plan…with switching them out.. Garret did good thing and made good decisions “
  • HCNB “it is going to be a mixture of both moving forward” “we’d like to score more points”
  • HCNB “we don’t have a better kid in our program than Zach Frazer, not sure what happened with the snap” “Zach took it hard in the locker room”
  • HCNB “I hurt in the pit of my stomach for out players. We had a plan. We came in and fought. They are dominate and we had opportunities to win and we just didn’t. Great week of prep for WVU. “
  • HCNB “we thought we would be a dual QB team in the spring but Garret developed slower than expected “
  • HCNB “Oklahoma was offsides a few times”
  • HCNB "...fought their ass off for four quarters."
  • Semedo: the defense needs to “find 3 points”.
  • This thread from @patricksouthern is a good read and I think represents a lot of Mountaineer fans on this post-game Sunday. Specifically, "you have to wonder what, exactly, Doege is doing that they don’t believe Greene can".

Trapezoid of Evil Update

  • It was cupcake week around the Trapezoid of Evil.
    • Pitt beat New Hampshire 77-7.
    • Penn State beat Villanova 38-17.
    • Maryland moved to 4-0 by beating Kent State 37-16.
    • Virginia Tech beat Richmond 21-10.

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Player Over / Under Predictions
Player Challenge Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Leddie Brown 1,500 yards Over Over Under Over
Jarrett Doege 3,200 yards Over Under Under Under
Garrett Green 10 attempts Under Over Over Over
Team Win / Loss Predictions
Game Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Maryland Win Loss Loss Loss Loss, 30-24
LIU Win Win Win Win Win, 66-0
Va Tech Win Win Win Win Win, 27-21
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss, 16-13
Tx Tech Win Win Loss Win
Baylor Win Win Loss Win
TCU Loss Loss Win Loss
IA State Loss Loss Loss Loss
OK State Loss Win Loss Loss
KS State Win Win Win Win
Texas Win Loss Loss Loss
Kansas Win Win Win Win
Total 8 - 4 7 - 5 5 - 7 6 - 6 2 - 2

NEXT UP: Texas Tech

Other WVU:

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Quizzing us on unique college mascots.

Segment 3:

  • Where we're drinking a very special Sam Adams beer.

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