Jake Lantz from Smoking Musket joins us, Bluff the Fluffs, and a new Can't Believe My 'Eers!

Jake Lantz from Smoking Musket joins us, Bluff the Fluffs, and a new Can't Believe My 'Eers!

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JAKE LANTZ FROM SMOKING MUSKET IS HERE! There's no bye week blues as Jake joins to discuss the season's mid-way point and the look ahead. We've got Bluff the Fluffs, and a new Can't Believe My 'Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we avoid the bye week blues as Jake Lantz from the Smoking Musket joins us to discuss the mid-way point of the season and what's on the table for Mountaineer football as they approach the second half of the season. We answer our way through ESPN Gameday trivia, and Scoot brings us a new Can't Believe My 'Eers. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • Jake Lantz Joins
  • Bye Week Woahs

Segment 1: Jake Lantz from Smoking Musket

Neal Brown Tuesday Presser: (I Like HCNB polo Shirt!)

  • "Not a Funeral, just lost a couple of football games"
  • Below Average performance on Special teams
    • Sumpter
    • Onside kick not well executed
    • Return game blocking was bad
  • Defense worst game of season.
    • Baylor had a good plan on us
    • Upfront was good and getting five wide
    • Lost some upfront battles
    • Lack of takeaways
    • Did not tackle well in space
  • Offense continues to be inconsistent
  • Bye Week comes at a good time. We are beat up and spent
  • HCNB Spent Monday recruiting
  • "We are in the entertainment business and when the product is not good people will complain"
  • Not entertainment for us... It is the coaches livelihood
  • Can't be reactionary
  • Repair what needs to be fixed
  • Reflect, repair, readjust
  • "Not going to be miserable"
  • Hard to lead when things are going poorly. We need leadership from player and coaches.


  • "We made mistakes on all 3 phases"
  • Zach Fraizer is playing winning football... All-Conference Level
  • Greg Hunter asks about "Goose"
    • Goose is a great Leader. As good as skills as anyone in the program
    • Goose has had 2 good Monday practice in a row
    • Game is starting to slow down for him
  • Middleton leaves.
  • Kerry Martin Jr is sick and hasn't practiced in over a week
  • QB talk... Praises Doege and kind of poops on Greene
    • Doege Completed hard against Baylor. Got hit hard, made some smart throw aways.
    • GG improved on the running game... but needs to do what he is coached to do in the passing games
  • Leddie averaging 70yds a game
    • Not doing a good job creating movement and space for him
    • Not doing a good job hitting passes to relax safety's
    • He has left yardage out there too.
  • 32 Available scholarships going into next year is what is looking like for recruiting
    • Greg asks how many transfers vs High School
    • HCNB wants to get HS players and only fill holes with transfers...High School kids will develop better than transfers. Going to have to fill holes in 2ndary and offensive linemen from the portal, but not going to go get 15 from the portal.. just to fill holes.
  • "Did I think that we would be 2-4 no, but I didn't think we would be top of the league by now... No"
    • Twitter conversation about being 'a few plays away from 5-1' is interesting, but it seems just as likely that you could make the argument we could be 1-5.
  • Haven't won a road game since 2019 TCU game (regular season)
    • "Bowl game don't count"
  • Mike Casazza asked "What is on the table"
    • there are things that are negotiable and things that are not
  • HCNB has a pretty hefty buyout...

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Player Over / Under Predictions
Player Challenge Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Leddie Brown 1,500 yards Over Over Under Over
Jarrett Doege 3,200 yards Over Under Under Under
Garrett Green 10 attempts Under Over Over Over
Team Win / Loss Predictions
Game Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Maryland Win Loss Loss Loss Loss, 30-24
LIU Win Win Win Win Win, 66-0
Va Tech Win Win Win Win Win, 27-21
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss, 16-13
Tx Tech Win Win Loss Win Loss, 23-20
Baylor Win Win Loss Win Loss, 45-20
TCU Loss Loss Win Loss
IA State Loss Loss Loss Loss
OK State Loss Win Loss Loss
KS State Win Win Win Win
Texas Win Loss Loss Loss
Kansas Win Win Win Win
Total 8 - 4 7 - 5 5 - 7 6 - 6 2 - 4


  • Game time announced as 7:30 on ESPNU
    • And apparently we're wearing gold helmets again...



Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • We're answering our way through ESPN Gameday trivia!

Segment 3: Can't Believe My 'Eers

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