TAKE THAT HORNED FROGS, Football victory over TCU, and Solheim joins to discuss the upcoming Basketball season!

TAKE THAT HORNED FROGS, Football victory over TCU, and Solheim joins to discuss the upcoming Basketball season!

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TAKE THAT HORNED FROGS AND SOLHEIM'S HERE! WVU Football is victorious out of the bye week in Ft. Worth over the Horned Frogs and Brent Solheim joins us to discuss the upcoming WVU Basketball season!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we feel the good feelings of a winning Saturday again as WVU Football comes out of the bye week looking energized and gets a conference road victory over the Horned Frogs of TCU in Ft. Worth, and Brent Solheim joins to discuss the fast approaching WVU Basketball season. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • Brent Solheim joins
  • WVU gets a win in Ft. Worth over TCU and is now 3 and 4
  • Did WVU have a new Play Caller... Both Mike Casazza and Jake Lantz said
    • " At times I did notice the camera panned over to Neal Brown and he wasn’t holding a play calling sheet."

Segment 1: WVU vs TCU, Win, 29-17

First Half

  • F*** Football... Opening kick off... what the what???
  • Strong start
  • Stab me in the eye
  • This is bad bad bad
  • Second week in a row we’re down 7 before I sit down to watch
  • Ryan, heck of a catch
  • Not a lot of fans in that stadium
  • Should’ve been intercepted. No chance. Doege wyd?
  • Dante is pumped
  • Mathis out of witness protection. Good run. First down. Mathis looking like a premier back.
  • Ok. That was some football. 15plays 94 yards!
    • TOP is crazy. WVU 11 mins. TCU 3.
  • Bartlett! What a sack….wow. That was fun.
  • Greene…67 yards.
    • Longest run for a WVU QB since Pat White in 2008
  • Nicktroy hurt.
  • I’m tired of hearing about Max Duggan. Why does ESPN always have to have a storyline to shove each game?
  • TCU has xylophones in the end zone!
  • HCNB says he is happy with the offensive play in the first half. And have to make something as we get the ball in the 2nd half.
  • First half yards. WVU 304 to TCU 213
    • Doege making a play to stay as QB
    • Doege 11/13 for 149yds

2nd Half

  • So much for getting the ball first out of half.
  • So far commercials have been the Tac Shaver and the thing that old people can roll across their documents before putting them in the trash so that thieves in black hoodies won’t steal them out of their garbage can in broad daylight .
  • 43yd INT by Porter. First of his career.
  • Hand off on 3rd and 10.
  • Waste of a turnover.
  • Wyatt Mylum played
  • Charles Woods with the INT! Transfer form Illinois State… welcome to WV.
  • Leddie collecting TDs tonight.
  • Semedo HUGE play. Defense came to play tonight.
  • Mahone with the rip! Charles Woods with the recovery!
  • Welp… scoot remains perfect..
  • Cue Country Roads! WVU breaks their road losing streak.
  • Somehow HCNB owns Gary Patterson, but can't beat Texas Tech. Makes no sense.
  • It seems like most people feel a 4-8 season is how this will turn out...


  • Doege leads the Big12 in...
    • Passing Yards
    • Average Yards Per Game
    • Passing Attempts by
    • 2nd in Completed Passed

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Player Over / Under Predictions
Player Challenge Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Leddie Brown 1,500 yards Over Over Under Over
Jarrett Doege 3,200 yards Over Under Under Under
Garrett Green 10 attempts Under Over Over Over
Team Win / Loss Predictions
Game Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Maryland Win Loss Loss Loss Loss, 30-24
LIU Win Win Win Win Win, 66-0
Va Tech Win Win Win Win Win, 27-21
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss, 16-13
Tx Tech Win Win Loss Win Loss, 23-20
Baylor Win Win Loss Win Loss, 45-20
TCU Loss Loss Win Loss Win, 29-17
IA State Loss Loss Loss Loss
OK State Loss Win Loss Loss
KS State Win Win Win Win
Texas Win Loss Loss Loss
Kansas Win Win Win Win
Total 8 - 4 7 - 5 5 - 7 6 - 6 3 - 4


  • Oct 30th vs Iowa State
    • Random 2p kickoff in Morgantown
    • ESPN Plus game... Get your nickels out

Segment 2: Basketball Discussion with Brent Solheim

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