RIOT BOWL CHAMPS! WVU Football victory over Iowa State, WVU Basketball win over Akron, and BTF on The Price Is Right!

RIOT BOWL CHAMPS! WVU Football victory over Iowa State, WVU Basketball win over Akron, and BTF on The Price Is Right!

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RIOT BOWL CHAMPIONS! WVU Football gets a huge victory over a ranked Iowa State team in Morgantown, WVU Basketball wins an exhibition over Akron, and BTF is quizzing us on The Price Is Right trivia!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, WVU Football gets a huge Riot Bowl 2021 win over Iowa State in Morgantown as the team wins their second straight game, WVU Basketball gives us an early look at the team with an exhibition win over Akron, and Bluff the Fluffs quizzes us on our knowledge of The Price Is Right. Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:


  • Great Weekend to be a Mountaineer with 2 wins by Football and Basketball.

Segment 1: WVU vs Iowa State, WIN, 38-31

First Half

  • I still have a “event about to start” screen
  • Six minutes before kickoff and Mountaineer Field is half empty...
  • Brandon weeden does not sound like he looks
  • That was a boring opening drive...
  • Tyler Sumpter gonna be active today?
  • That looked really bad. I don’t even think he got touched (on Hall's TD run).
  • Let’s toss one deep. We’re good at that. Should make this 3rd and two a success.
  • These Nike jackets look weird. Like they are about to some pt at army boot camp.
  • Can they just run the ball?
    • No the only time we do that is when we bring in Garrett Greene and he’s not allowed in until at least the third drive.
  • Wow. Nice run. Backup TE. TJ Banks.
  • RUN IT
  • Power football. 12 plays 75yd taking nearly 5 mins off the board.
  • When did Sammy Sosa become a fat Scottish Guy? HAHAHA
  • Big stop there to get the ball back.
  • Greene in. Here comes Grene and the crowd cheers.
    • That was worth it.
    • Waste
    • “Hey Garrett, run out there while we figure out which two terrible plays to run. If they don’t go perfectly you’re coming out.”
    • “Hey Garrett you threw a bad pass there, we’re going to need you to hold this clipboard for a while.”
    • HCNB is committed to this "Greene comes in for the 3rd series, regardless" thing.
  • Weeden loves Doege.
  • Terrible handling of that series. After a stop. About as successful as the ESPN+ cameraman.
  • All Leddie. These yards are all him.
  • Doege is making some good throws today
  • Gweedoe: I better start researching carabiners on
  • Great catch by BFW!
  • Mathis looking good.
    • Mathis with some great moves when he should’ve been tackled.
    • Iowa State tackling overall is really bad.
    • I’m happy about it.
  • That was the play we ran after a TO? Waste of timeout...
  • Casey Legg just became a scholarship player this week.
  • Oh. That is tough. BFW should have caught that. It was a good pass (on the tipped interception).
  • Defense has found its footing after those two early possessions.
  • Gweedoe’s theory: ISU came out thinking they were going to destroy us… and we played aggressively in first half…and kept it close. 2nd half ISU will come out and pound us.
  • Lots of fans dressed up as bleachers today.
  • They just announced the Pitt score in the stadium and the fans cheered. Hilarious. We hate them so much.
  • I’ll take tied at the half after that start.
  • The sideline reporter finishes the interview with “enjoy the second half”?!?!
    • Shane Sparks is intense
    • Shane sparks has to be a fake name
  • Mahone is smaht. Wicked smaht.

2nd Half

  • Good opening stop by the D
  • That is a terrible call. HCNB lit up the official. I mean that might have lost us the game. That was horrible (offensive PI).
  • Next play after offensive PI call, Doege pick 6 on a check down screen attempt to Leddie...
  • Today has been a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • That was a good throw.
    • I’m shocked.
    • That is like his 4th long pass today. 5th?
  • I think that’s a catch! A crazy good one!
  • Doege almost has twice as many passing yards today as Purdy.
  • Gweedoe: I’m just going to say, Scoot. I like block lettering. Very large on your sign for the Texas Game.
  • Dante was awesome on that play.
  • Leddie running hard today.
  • The use of GG today has been dumb.
  • Our ability to go into a complete stupor on offense is amazing.
    • Mathis and JD just ran into each other after almost running the clock out after a time out.
    • Benny Hill music should play over the loudspeaker for this series.
  • I’m starting to think the identity of HCNBs teams are to be just mediocre enough to have everyone fight about it.
  • The play clock ran out?
    • That’s what it looked like
    • That was like a disaster that ended well.
    • Even great things feel weird with this team.
  • Gweedoe, you’re certifiably insane with your highs after good plays.
  • What is with these Casey Legg kickoffs?
  • Baylor beat Texas today. They’re now 7-1.
  • I feel shane sparks thinks this is an audition for Monday night football.
  • HOLDING. Big time.
  • That’s another big stop by the D. Our D line has given them a fit all day.
  • Wow, esdale with a great catch.
  • BFW!
  • DEOGE HAS 350 yards!
  • Shane Sparks is a wannabe wrestler, right?
  • Woods can’t be hurt…We might have to suit Scoot up in the secondary.
  • We need a fumble or INT…
    • Ahhhh
    • Ffuuuuuuuummmmmbuuuuuulllllllllllll
    • Did it break the plane first?
    • Can’t really tell
    • Hard to overturn
    • Scoot Loves Ames...And Corn...
    • Longest commercials…
    • Painful the wait
    • Killing me!!!
    • Ball is moving before he hits the plane
    • WOW
    • Stands!!!
    • LFG!!!!
  • Ok, JD, don’t f*ck this up
  • WVU has run 21 more offense plays than Iowa State.
  • Passing?!?!
    • Wtf are we doing
    • Boos in the stands after that
    • We don’t have a play in yet
    • What is this
    • Oh gawd.
    • The old throw the ball
    • Run the ball!!!
    • What are we doing
    • All throws
    • What are we doing!!!!
    • Could we not run 4 yards?That is all play calling.
  • ISU with a big thank you.
  • Coaching decisions that last drive atrocious.
  • I am freaking out!!! This is so stressful.
  • Speaking of atrocious.
    • That’s a bad call
    • What a terrible call
    • These officials are terrible
  • This game has taken years off my life.
  • We’ve rushed 3 most of the game.
  • I hear coach Stew
    • Stew on the big board
    • LFG
    • Shouldn’t have played the Old Gold and blue
    • Lets Go Lads!!!
  • A great day to be a Mountaineer
  • Neal brown fired up!
  • "Doege is my boy"
  • Gweedoe: Get me some Carabiners!
  • Coach brown put a sign in the locker room. “believe or leave”
  • I can’t believe we won that…such a weird game. Doege torches them, receivers catch everything in sight, we get the benefit of some calls (and no calls). Crazy game.
  • And I don’t know how the defense gives up 400+ yards and I still feel good about it, but here we are.
  • Two weeks of traditional uniforms, two big wins. Hhmmm. Interesting. 🤔
  • Attendance 45,000.
  • Iowa State had not given up more than 350 yards all season. 492 Saturday to WVU.
  • A word for the Doege haters...


  • “Fans were huge today. “
  • “Team overcame a lot of adversity “
  • “We matched them in physicalness “
  • Doege interview “o line has great chemistry and I trust them”
    • “Knew BFW would catch that play. Told him he was going to make a huge catch to win the game”
  • "Huge Win... ISU has 16 Seniors starting and were in the Big12 Champ last year and we try to emulate a lot of what they do"
  • "Doege was huge... and he has been beat'n up unjustly this season... and looked good ageist ISU defense that drops 8 a lot" "He Answered the Bell"
  • "We finished on Defense... we didn't do it vs T Tech or OU... and didn't... today... we finished on defense"
  • "Doege played well... he had some mistakes and you will have those when you throw 50 passes, but he bounced back well"
  • "We changed our off season program after the dominating loss (42-6) last year to ISU"
  • "Leddie got more carries than we anticipated... it is tough to run agaist ISU"
  • The play-calling duties switch is really powering this 2 game turnaround?
  • Doege's best game ever by far, right?
  • Noel Devine inducted into the WVU HoF.
  • Major Harris to be inducted next Saturday during Oklahoma State game.

Keeping Score...Season Predictions

Player Over / Under Predictions
Player Challenge Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Leddie Brown 1,500 yards Over Over Under Over
Jarrett Doege 3,200 yards Over Under Under Under
Garrett Green 10 attempts Under Over Over Over
Team Win / Loss Predictions
Game Gweedoe Johnson Scoot Composite Actual
Maryland Win Loss Loss Loss Loss, 30-24
LIU Win Win Win Win Win, 66-0
Va Tech Win Win Win Win Win, 27-21
Oklahoma Loss Loss Loss Loss Loss, 16-13
Tx Tech Win Win Loss Win Loss, 23-20
Baylor Win Win Loss Win Loss, 45-20
TCU Loss Loss Win Loss Win, 29-17
IA State Loss Loss Loss Loss Win, 38-31
OK State Loss Win Loss Loss
KS State Win Win Win Win
Texas Win Loss Loss Loss
Kansas Win Win Win Win
Total 8 - 4 7 - 5 5 - 7 6 - 6 4 - 4


  • 11th ranked Oklahoma State - At Mountaineers Field Sat. Nov 6th at 330P
    • Tele: ESPN
    • Ok State Killed Kansas 55-3 this weekend
    • Spencer Sanders (QB) tossed 2 td passes and completed 12 or 19 for 157yds
    • Ok State picked by 3 in the early odds with a 50.5 O/U

Segment 2: Basketball exhibition vs Akron, Win, 74-59

Segment 3: Bluff the Fluffs

  • Quizzing us on The Price is Right trivia!

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