Football talk!, new locker rooms, Coach Brown presser recap, split scrimmaging, Big 10 pressure, BTF, and CBME!

Football talk!, new locker rooms, Coach Brown presser recap, split scrimmaging, Big 10 pressure, BTF, and CBME!

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We're talking football!, new locker rooms, Coach Brown presser recap, gold and blue split scrimmaging, Big 10 getting pressure on their no play decision, BTF, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!


On this week's Got Your Eers On?, we're talking about football, the new locker rooms look amazing, we recap the latest comments from Coach Brown on gold and blue teams split scrimmaging, and standout performances so far. Also, the Big 10 is getting some pressure on their decision not to play, BTF, and Can’t Believe My ‘Eers! Join us for all this and more on this week's episode of Got Your Eers On?...!

Show Notes:

Segment 1: Updates


  • New Locker Rooms look LIT!!!
  • WVU football camp stated last week....6 days in, Coach Brown is happy.
  • Coach Brown Presser
    • Nicktroy Fortune's mother passed away...he is away from the team.
    • They are practicing in the stadium...split square. Gold and Blue teams.
    • Practicing in smaller groups.
    • The teams are equal or even. He is trying to teach.
    • Noticeable difference in energy with no NFL scouts, Media, camera...low energy.
    • Harder to evaluate....maybe whole team will help shed light on 2 deep.
    • Working a lot of 7 on 7 for frontside / backside drills in the split squad.
    • Trying to build strength in the lines.
    • Everyone is getting a lot of reps for the players...
      • More time...fewer guys...longer days for the coaches.
      • How does this help those young OL guys like Zach Fraiser, Brandon Yates (Rs-FR), Parker Moorer (Rs-FR)...getting a lot of reps that they would not have gotten is we were starting in 3 weeks.
    • Coach Brown is happy with O-line progress.
    • Sam James is looking Good.
    • He expects Darius Stills to be the best Defensive Linemen in the Big12.
    • Tykee had 2 interceptions in Scrimmage over the weekend.
    • Coach Brown is excited WVU is playing...he believes we need to play. Thinks the "collateral Damage" could be worse if they don't play.
    • Still waiting on a waiver for Scottie Young from the NCAA to be able to play for the grad transfer Saftey from Arizona. Another recruit that Jahmile Addae has brought to the program...he can recruit!!!
    • Gerard Parker has been calling the plays in the weekend scrimmage.
    • What are the 2021 Recruiting limitations?
      • Are we keeping players who opt out...eligible...
      • Small Senior class this year at WVU.
  • We play 9/12 vs Eastern Kentucky in Morgantown.

Current WVU Covid Info:

  • MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The following are updated COVID-19 testing numbers from the West Virginia University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics as of Aug. 15. Since testing began in June, a total of 823 tests have been administered.
    • Total active cases = 3
    • Active cases in football = 0
    • Active cases in men's basketball = 0
    • Active cases in women's basketball = 0
    • Active cases in Olympic Sports = 1
    • Active cases among athletics staff members = 2
    • Total recoveries = 46

Other Covid:

Other WVU:

Segment 2: Bluff the Fluffs

  • WVU football trivia!

Segment 3: Can’t Believe My ‘Eers!

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