Got Your Eers On?

A true Mountaineer Fan podcast


WE'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE...BECAUSE WE WON. Football gets a sixth win at Kansas to become bowl eligible while Basketball takes care of a pesky Eastern Kentucky team at home to move to 5-1!


LATEST REALIGNMENT TALK, HCNB's nationally ranked recruiting class, Deuce showing out for the Knicks, legendary coach Bowden passes, Bluff the Fluffs returns, and a new Can't Believe My 'Eers!

March Madness

WVU Hoops Big 12 tourney recap and NCAA tourney preview talk with Brent Solheim as WVU ends up a 3 seed in the Midwest bracket, and BTF challenges us on our knowledge of NCAA Tournament team mascots!


Josh Whitt from the Unreasonable Doubt podcast joins to talk basketball wins over North TX and Richmond, BTF quizzes us on NY's upside down frying pan hat, and we lament football's OU cancellation.